Can My Wood Furniture be Refinished?

Refinishing Wood Furniture

One of the great things about wood furniture is that when it starts to get old it can often be refinished, giving it a fresh new look even after years of use. However this is a process that takes time and effort, and sometimes it’s just not worth it. That’s why it is important to consider whether your wood furniture can be refinished, or if it is time to go out and make a new purchase. 

Wood Furniture

Twin Captain Bed Furniture Bundles – 2 Beds and a Nightstand

The first danger sign that you have to look out for is painted furniture. Paint is a heavy duty covering that often goes on a piece of furniture in order to hide serious defects. Even if that was not its intended purpose, it may still be concealing damage below, which will only be revealed once the hard work of stripping it away has been accomplished. By contrast varnish is clear, giving you a somewhat open avenue to see the structural integrity of the piece.

You should also evaluate the age of the furnishing. Time takes its toll on all structures, so older pieces may be degraded to the point that it is a better idea to just buy a new one. However furniture that was produced in the 1950’s and early 1960’s often has the advantage of higher quality, hand made craftsmanship, which was largely abandoned by the manufacturing industry at later dates.

It’s also important to ensure that the piece is strong, firm, and will be able to structurally last past the refinishing process. This can usually be determined by simply evaluating it, pushing on it slightly and seeing if it rocks or wobbles. If the item in question wobbles then it may need to be reglued, and screws or nails might have to be replaced. That can be an intricate process requiring the help of a professional, at a considerable cost.

At KFS Stores you will find a wide variety of excellent wood furnishings, that will last for years, and which can then be refinished to give them a second and even a third life. Our products feature solid wood materials, metal on metal binders, and safety features such as rounded corners and drawer stoppers. These elements combine to create furnishings that are meant to stand the test of time, allowing you to pass them on through generations of use.

How To Tell if Wood Furniture is Worth Saving

Wood Furniture

Determining whether wood furniture can be saved, or if it is time to replace it, is a process that should be done with care. Furniture can be expensive, and sometimes the quality of the piece will not be perfectly reflected in its outer look. At the same time, even broken pieces can often be repaired, or at least touched up enough to serve the same or a lesser purpose. You also have to balance in safety when considering weight bearing items such as chairs, shelves, and beds.

If your wooden furniture is looking shabby, but is otherwise sturdy and strong, then you might be able to give it a whole new look by refinishing the piece. This involves sanding down past the finish, which also serves to remove any surface dents, stains, or scratches which might be blemishing your furnishing. Unfortunately deeper gouges and structural problems can’t be repaired this way. The process is also arduous and physically intensive, so you should weigh whether it is worth the effort versus buying something new.

If the piece in question is wobbly, shaky, or otherwise structurally unsound, there may be ways to repair it. Joints can be strengthened using wood glue, and screws can be tightened if they are not stripped. Nailing the legs or components of wood furniture can be a little more tricky, and you have to be careful not to do more damage to it than repair.

One thing that can’t be repaired on wooden furniture is rotting components. If the wood itself is compromised, then the affected section will have to be removed and replaced. That is an expert job that is almost the equivalent of building a new piece altogether. Due to the expense this should only be undertaken for antiques, or items of particular sentimental value.

A great trick for sprucing up old furniture quickly and easily is to paint it. A coat of epoxy can do wonders, hiding flaws and blemishes beneath deep, rich, vibrant colors. This is particularly good for repurposing old pieces into children’s bedroom furniture, by simply painting them with a bright neon or pastel hue.

If you can’t repair your old furniture, then you should be sure to replace it with high quality products. The stronger, more durable, and better made the furnishing, the longer it will last. You will find a wide variety of excellent bunk beds, daybeds, captains beds, children’s furnishings, and home accessories here at KFS Stores, all manufactured to be of the highest quality and built to be stable and stylish for years to come.


White Bedroom Furniture For Kids

Kids Furniture

At KFS Stores we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. To that end this week we are bringing you a series of white bedroom furniture pieces for kids, that are some of the most elegant, stylish, durable, and functional options on the market. These are great shabby chic, cottage style designed items that are great for childrens, teens, and young adult bedrooms, playrooms, and dorms.

Kids Furniture PiecesFirst off we have a series of two white captain day beds that will look great in your space, while also giving you a ton of options for making the room more versatile. The first has a twin sized mattress, and comes with a three drawer under bed pull out storage unit, as well as a trundle which can instantly give you a whole second sleeping surface. This is backed by a sideboard unit that rises horizontally to give your kids even more room to both keep and display their toys and games.

We also have this same great bed available in a full sized option. That makes it easy to coordinate white bedroom furniture for kids rooms where you have siblings sharing the space. It also helps when your little ones get older, as the full lets you transition seamlessly without having to replace the dressers, drawers, chests, and desks that may already grace the environment.

NightstandsFollowing this line of thinking, we also have several pieces of white bedroom furniture accessories for children’s rooms. The first is this great night stand, which has a subdued, reserved look, while maintaining a stately grace and form, that is belied by its inherent functionality. Perfect for its namesake position by the bed, these are also great stands for living rooms, hallways, or offices where you just need another surface, that can double as an organizational tool with its lower drawer and shelf.

White furnitureRounding out our collection of new white furniture pieces is this stately double drawer dresser, which features six convenient pull out units for easy organization. The top is an expansive spread that allows for the positioning of decorative items, televisions, mirrors, and works of focal art.

The great thing about all of the white furniture pieces in our KFS Stores kids bedroom collection is that they can be easily mixed and matched. Never worry about color palettes again. Instead use these blank slate pieces as the perfect backdrop against which you can work the decorative imaginings of your dreams.

5 Criteria For The Best Children’s Furniture

Beds for kids

A child’s bedroom is the space that they will inhabit, as their own environment, during the critical years when they are developing into the people they will become. That is why it is important to furnish the space with items that will inspire, comfort, protect, and grow with them through the years. The best children’s furniture will balance all of those needs to the specific traits of the child themselves.

Durable Kids Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed


This is a top priority, as it can increase or decrease the chances of a serious accident occurring, depending on the make and quality of the products you choose. With most furnishings you’ll want to ensure that they have rounded edges, and that any drawers have stoppers to prevent them from sliding out. With bunk beds it is particularly important to get a good manufacturer like Discovery World Furniture, which makes beds that exceed the ASTM’s requirements for structural integrity.


The durability of a piece of children’s furniture will determine how long it will last, and how it will look over the years. Well made products will have a much longer lifespan, and in some cases can even be used through to adulthood and the next generation.


A durable product is good but with kids it also has to be able to match their ever changing styles and trends. Often the best bet will be to purchase wooden furniture pieces, which have a naturally open quality that lets them merge seamlessly into and style or fad.KFS Stores has a great selection of solid wood furniture pieces in various matched shade lacquer finishes.

Captains Day BedsFunctionality

The best children’s furniture will be versatile and able to serve multiple purposes in various spaces. Many captains beds, and bunk beds sold at KFS Stores are designed with storage drawers, shelves, and other organizational units which are embedded directly into the frame of the pieces.


With children it’s important to remember the fun factor. Novelty beds are great because they can double as giant toys. Bunk beds are another fun option. While sharing a room with a sibling may not be ideal, bunk beds at least give each of the kids a separate space of their own.

Choosing Bed Sizes For Kids

Twin Sized Beds

What bed is the right size for your child? This is a complex question that doesn’t have a perfect answer, but there are a number of things that you can take into consideration when determining whether your kids need a twin, full, or larger sized mattress to be comfortable. This touches on points of age, growth, and of course psychology, requiring you to understand where they are in their development while also being aware of the complexities involved with change of any kind at a young age.

Twin Bed Sizes

Infant Bed Sizes

Babies start off in cribs, but as they grow eventually it will be time to move them to a big kid’s bed. Unfortunately this can be a somewhat traumatic experience, representing their first environmental change in which they are taken from the walled in safety of an infant’s space and placed in a completely open container.

When moving a baby to a bed you generally want to start off with a small twin sized mattress. The edges of this will act as psychological barriers, allowing your child to comfortably slip into the hold of the form and find comfort in their surroundings. In some cases employing a novelty bed can be a good idea, as it can make this somewhat scary transition fun and exciting.

Kids Bed Sizes
Full Sized BedsAs children get older they inevitably grow, and eventually a twin sized bed will seem stiflingly small to them. Determining when it is time to get a bigger piece of furniture is a matter of being open to their perceptions and perspective. Talk to them, get a feel for how they are adjusting, and then make the decision yourself. Interaction is key here, as it will give you the greatest insight into where they are in their personal development.

Big Kid Bed Sizes

When dealing with teenagers the bed situation is often complicated by adjustments they are making socially as they develop and grow. Make sure that they have a bed that they can be proud of, so that their esteem is supported by the furnishings in their surroundings. You certainly don’t want them teased for having something that might be deemed suitable only for an infant or smaller child.

If you are strategic in your long term planning you can get your teen a bed that is big enough to accommodate them all of the way through college and beyond. A full sized piece is a common accouterment in dorm rooms, so if your kid decides to live on their own, being able to bring their childhood bed can save you and them a lot of money and hassle. This can even transition into a piece that can be used in their first apartment!

Refinishing Solid Wood Furniture

Refinishing Wooden Furniture

There are many things that you can do to revitalize old wood furniture and give it a brand new life in your home. It can be cleaned, polished, waxed, or even painted. But if you want to achieve a whole new look, or recapture the elegance and sheen of its original appearance, then the best method will be to completely strip down the piece and refinish it like new.

Wood Furniture RefinishingThe first step will be to apply a quality stripping agent to the wood. This is a product that helps to loosen the bond between the lacquer and the surface of the piece. It can be applied using either a spray bottle or a brush, and should be left to interact with the stain for several minutes before proceeding. Often this will be a somewhat caustic substance, so take proper precautions to guard your respiratory system as you work.

Once you notice the stripping agent starting to loosen the lacquer, take a scraper and begin running it across the surface of the piece. Start out with slow, gentle, even strokes, and work your way to more vigorous movements, being careful not to push so hard that you damage the wood itself. Wipe the tool off occasionally with a clean rag so that you don’t end up smearing the coloring agent back on. It may be necessary to apply the stripper multiple times, repeating this process to get the majority off.

The next step is to apply mineral spirits to the newly cleaned wood using a fresh towel. This will help to wipe away any lacquer or stain that remains behind after you have performed the stripping. It will also deepen and moisten the material, giving it an almost lustrous look. However that is temporary, and indicates that the wood is wet, requiring you to wait for up to an hour before it returns to its dry state.

Sandpaper can then be used to smooth and even out any imperfections in the wood, and remove the last lingering vestiges of old stain and color. Start with a relatively coarse product (150 grit) to handle more obvious problems, then switch to 200 grit and higher products to smooth it out and get it soft, sleek, and primed for color treatments. When you’re done, use another clean, dry rag to wipe up any lingering sawdust.

There are many different colors of stain that can be used to finish a piece of wood furniture, and you don’t necessarily have to choose the same one that it originally had. To get a better idea of your choices, scan color charts at the store, or buy samples and try them out on scrap pieces. When you are ready, apply the lacquer using a clean rag or paper cloth, applying it in thin, even strokes.

As you work, wipe away any excess stain that accumulates in puddles or bubbles immediately. The idea is to apply it in very thin layers,  and then repeat the process until you have the desired depth of color. However it is important to let the stain fully dry between each step, and then to give the furnishing a full hour to completely set before adding a clear coat layer of polyurethane to seal everything in.

The Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture

Even the best wood furniture gets dirty sometimes. Luckily there are a number of ways to keep these pieces clean, and even restore them after months or years of neglect. The most important thing is to understand the do’s and don’ts so that you properly clean the furnishing, without causing even more damage in the process.

Cleaning Wood FurnitureThe best method of cleaning is always prevention. These strategies will let you preserve your furniture simply by avoiding things that can cause damage. One thing to be aware of is heat and temperature. Wood tends to be somewhat moist, so you will want to avoid positioning them near vents or radiators, and do not store these products in attics or damp cellars. It is also a good idea to place them such that direct sunlight does not fall on their surface, as it can have a fading effect.

Regular dusting is really the best way to clean wood furniture. This will prevent dirt and other small particles from building up on surfaces over time. It can also help to subtly freshen the look of the wood, by dispersing any oily substances that may have accumulated.

Oil soap is a great way to clean wood furniture that has particularly intransigent blemishes built up on its surface. This should be mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the bottle, and then applied with a sponge, using extra care on problem areas. Afterwards use a clean towel to dry the wood off.

Cleaning Stained Wood Furniture

The best way to clean stained wood furniture is with clean water and a wash cloth. If greater scrubbing and disinfecting properties are desired, regular dish soap can be diluted heavily in a bucket of water, and then applied with a sponge or cloth. However you should test a small dab of the soap on a hard to see portion of the wood first to ensure that there is not an unintended damaging effect to the material. Always dry the surface of the piece with a clean towel when finished.
Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture

Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture

Cleaning Painted The best method for cleaning painted wood furniture will also be to use either plain water, or a solution of water and dish soap, applied with a sponge or clean cloth. With these pieces you want to be particularly careful of leaving behind any moisture, as it can have an adverse effect on the color or integrity of the paint. Dish soap should also be tested before applied in a widespread way to ensure its effect.

Stronger Cleaning Methods

If you need an even stronger cleaning agent then mineral spirits can be employed. As always try this out on the furniture piece before using it on the whole surface. Then it can be applied with a cloth rag, taking extra care to scrub at ground in problem areas. If the furniture is quite old this can be a great way to remove much of the ground in matter that may have slowly adhered to its surface over the years.

Fresh Furniture Fixes

Fixing Wooden Furniture

A piece of furniture is not a static object. It starts with a certain look and feel, but over time that will change, due to the toils of use, the wear of weather, and the undeniable effects of age. This can lead to a degradation of appearance that may turn a once beloved piece, into an eyesore that you’re looking to get rid of. Luckily there are a number of clever fixes that you can employ to restore the look of your wood furnishings, fixing the features that blemish their surface while giving them a revitalized energy that will let them live a second, or even third life in your home.

Note: Make sure to try all of these furniture fixes out on a small out of the way piece of the product first. Every type of wood is different, and it is important to know what the final effect will be before you fully commit.

Wood Beds

Discovery World Furniture Espresso Twin Captain Day Beds

While wood is a solid, hard surface material, it can be subject to damage over time. The most common issue will be tiny scratches that can occur in the paint or finish from scraping utensils, cups, dishes, or even nails, and jewelry pieces, that accidentally slip across the surface causing grooves of varying size and depth. Repairing such blemishes requires the use of a mixture of ¾’s of a cup of oil with ¼ of a cup of vinegar, applied with a cloth rag. Spread it on, and rub it into the affected area, and then let it sit as it soaks in, filling the offensive gaps with a clear and seamless substance.

If the damage to the wood is more severe, a wood filler putty can be used to remove dimensional dents in the surface of a furniture piece. This should be spread on sparingly, and blended into surrounding grains, as the finished color may not completely match the look of the surrounding wood. Stain the area, or the entire piece if necessary, in order to complete a finished color look.

Even larger blemishes, such as holes, chips, and breaks, can best be repaired using spare pieces of wood. Toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and spare splinters can all be glued into place, then sanded smooth, giving you a matched material that can then be stained, or lacquered as desired.


Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Mission Bunk Beds

For revitalization of wooden surface treatments, vinegar can yet again be a useful ally. This all natural material can help to deepen, darken, and restore the original look of the wood by rehydrating it and bringing out the inherent colors in the material. Use balsamic for a darker brown effect, and apple cider for a more glowing golden hue.

Another natural option for restoring the luster of your wooden furniture is coconut oil. Applied with a rag, it will generally darken the surface of the furniture piece in use, which can help to make it look more like it did when it was brand new. Add a drop of essential oil to offset any unpleasant scents that may arise from these treatments.

From Beds to Bins: Repurposing Old Storage Furniture

Re purposing Furniture Pieces

Some furniture, is more than just furniture. These pieces can have multiple uses, and a variety of functions, some of which can remain in play long after the initial purpose of the piece has faded. This is especially true of storage furniture, which consists of designs crafted to both serve a certain goal and, to provide extra storage, organization, and utility, in spaces where you might not otherwise expect such features.

Storage ShelvesBasic storage furniture pieces will consist of things like dressers, chests, night stands, and shelving units. These are pieces whose overt purpose is to hold your possessions, displaying or obfuscating them as your needs dictate. Furnishings such as these are generally incorporated into the decor of a space. However if the trends of your taste diverge, then you can always repurpose those pieces to new uses and even multi uses.

With shelves that have run their course, you can cut them down to make hanging decorative features, that still allow storage without taking up floor space. Dressers that are done in the bedroom, can easily be equipped with wheels to become rolling bar sets, hutches, or kitchen islands. You can even take old chests and use them as pirate decor in a kids room, or place them outside as weathering yard furniture that also serves to hold toys and garden games.

Clever bed designers have created a number of furniture pieces that have storage features built directly into the frame. This includes products such as captains beds, that often have drawers below the sleeping surface, and shelves above and behind in order to optimize the function of the piece. If you find yourself no longer in need of another rest area, these can be covered with pieces of wood, or slabs of stone to create lovely coffee tables, or even deep store dressers.

Storage Beds
Sometimes flipping the functionality of a furniture piece can help to creatively reinvent it as well. If you have a guest bed with great storage options, that you no longer need as a sleeping space, you can use it in a home office or library as a table with drawers. Then when a guest unexpectedly arrives for the night the hard top covering can be removed allowing you to comfortably accommodate family and friends.

Kids beds are another example of furniture pieces that can be repurposed for storage uses. Bunk beds are especially versatile, as they often have storage spaces built directly into the steps, or under the bottom frame. When your children have outgrown these products, use a little paint, and some imagination, and you can turn them into a playroom clubhouse, palace, castle, or even a monster truck for them to play in, complete with places to store all of their toys and accessories.

Furniture Arrangements For Parties

Party Furniture Arrangements

Parties and social gatherings are distinct events where you invite a number of people into your home environment. This can put a strain on the space resources that you have, and in extreme cases it may even lead to damage and discomfort. However a strategic furniture arrangement strategy can allow you to maximize the efficiency of the room you have, facilitating a more pleasant experience for everyone who attends.

Storage Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Honey Bookshelf

The first thing you should focus on is floor space. You want to ensure that there is a good sense of flow throughout and between any rooms that will be open to the public. The best way to do that is to declutter as much as possible. Get rid of any excess furniture you may have, and if possible replace larger pieces with smaller ones. Couches can provide seating, but are bulkier and more room consuming than folding chairs or barstools.

Creating furniture flow also means paying attention to entrances, exits, and the hallway paths between rooms. Make sure that those portals are open, and free of any obstruction. That will allow guests to easily maneuver around one another to get to any area that they wish. It’s also good sense as far as fire safety, as congested clutter can cause dangerous delays in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

Tables are often a congesting culprit when it comes to social spaces. While they do provide surfaces that have their uses, they are often bulky beyond the requirements of the day. While you may not want to throw away a fully functional coffee table, kitchen table, or dining room set, it may be useful to put them into storage during the event of a party. Often legs will fold, or can be removed, allowing you to slide the bulk of the piece behind a couch, under a bed, or conveniently into a closet.

In many cases there will be rooms that you don’t want completely open to your guests. These spaces can be used as ancillary features, taking on functional responsibilities so that the prime environment can be more efficient. Bedrooms can be used to store coats, hide excess furniture pieces, and hold timely accessories such as cakes or snacks that are only set to appear at a particular instance. Kids rooms and play spaces are great for cordoning of the younger generation, so that they can engage in rowdy behavior without disturbing or being disturbed by older guests.

General furniture efficiency is always welcome when hosting social situations. Tables or kitchen islands that have built in storage features can do double duty, eliminating the need for extra furnishings in a space. Hanging accessories are also a good choice, as they allow you the convenience of shelves, or surfaces, without taking up the valuable floor space that your guests will need to move about freely. In general, the more clever you can get about choice and arrangement of your home furniture products, the better prepared you will be to pack the building with guests and friends.