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Clearance Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds are a great way to save space in small and shared bedrooms, but did you know that they are also a great way to save money? With KFS Stores selection of clearance bunk beds, you can find special one time savings as well as everyday deals on a variety of sleeping and bedroom furniture pieces, without having to deal with used furniture, low craft products, or items made from unreliable manufacturers.

There are a variety of bunk beds that can be purchased at clearance prices. Twin or twin bunks are popular for smaller children, toddlers, and young teens who are sharing a room. These can often be unstacked and turned into two separate beds, giving you the ability to customize both the look and function of the space as your kids grow and get older.

Full over full bunks are better for older kids, teens, and even young adults. Clearance bunks of this size are an excellent option for schools, universities, dormitories, and even nurseries. They allow you to purchase items that are going out of stock due to new designs, as a much lower rate than usual, making it an excellent wholesale option for a variety of institutions.

Clearance loft beds are another great option for children’s rooms. Loft beds are a more informal style than bunks, allowing them to fill a wider range of decorative purposes. Loft beds are often used in children’s bedrooms and playrooms, but can also be an interesting addition to a guest bedroom or spare space in the home. The versatility of being able to house multiple friends and family members, as well as their children, will make you a popular destination for those you care for.

KFS Stores is always rotating sales and discount prices on our children’s bedroom furniture, bunks, and lofts. Many times clearance items will be available as we rotate in new beds and furnishings and have to clear out our warehousing space. Make sure to visit often so that you can take advantage of these great deals and much more.