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Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets

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Below you will find our collection of top quality kids bedroom furniture sets, including numerous beds, bunk beds, loft beds, day beds, and captain beds, all available with a variety of matched hardwood home accessories. This makes it easy to create an integrated, complete, and holistic decorative style when creating a bedroom for your kids. At the same time the ability to mix and match pieces, designs, and even colors gives you a wealth of options to work with.

The kids bedroom furniture sets that we offer are all crafted with an eye towards details, and are built to be durable, long lasting furnishings that can grow with your child, lasting for years without having to be replaced. This can save you a long money in the long term, as the rigors of play can wreck lesser furniture sets requiring you to replace the kids’ bedroom pieces every few years.

We also know how important space can be, especially when you have multiple kids sharing a single bedroom. That’s why our furniture pieces are built with a variety of space saving options that can also make them more functional. Our numerous kid’s bunk and loft beds allow you to fit multiple sleeping spaces in a single vertical line. Our beds also have optional drawers and below mattress trundles. We even sell kids’ beds that have desks built right into the structure of the piece.