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Low Loft Beds

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If you have a small sleeping area, if you want to free up more floor space in your bedroom, or if you simply like the idea of sleeping in an elevated position then a low loft bed would be a wonderful choice.

Our loft beds are made of only the highest quality solid pine wood materials. They are built with the strictest attention to detail and are made with superior craftsmanship. The natural sturdiness of the pine wood is enhanced further with the use of metal-on-metal connectors, giving the bed a strength that can withstand strong forces and heavy weights.

Ideal Dimensions
The dimensions of our loft beds are highly preferable for just about any individual. They are not too low or too high, and the steps on the ladder are wide enough for anyone to climb in and out of the bed very easily. The width and length of the bed frame provide enough space to make sleeping very comfortable.

The lower height also makes it easier to change the bedding on our low loft beds, which can sometimes be a real hassle with those regular sized loft beds.

The space created under the loft is also big enough to use for a variety of purposes. You can use it for extra storage by putting in a small closet, a chest, or just ordinary storage boxes that you can pile one on top of the other. You can also turn it into an office area, a reading nook, a play area for kids, a lounging space for watching TV or playing video games, and so on.

Suitable for Kids to Adults
Because of the versatile design of our low loft beds, they can be used by just about anyone, from young kids to older adults.

Young Children
Our low loft beds are a great first real bed for children. Sleeping high is an adventure that is always welcome for young kids so you won’t ever have trouble getting them to go to bed. The railing along the sides will keep them safe and the rounded corners will protect them from nasty cuts should there be an accident.

The privacy that comes with having a loft bed is one of the perks that teens would really appreciate. This piece of furniture will not only be a bed for them but it will also provide them with their own small living area underneath that they can use for studying, relaxing, snacking, watching TV, playing video games, reading, and even entertaining friends.

Safe and Sturdy
The first concern that most people have about loft beds is their strength. Would it be strong enough to handle the weight? Will the foundation withstand the constant force of someone climbing up and down? Won’t the structure become weak over time and risk collapsing and hurting someone?

With our loft beds, you get guaranteed durability and strength. You don’t need to stress out about safety issues because our loft beds always exceed ASTM standards when it comes to furniture safety. You don’t even need to worry about allergic reactions either because only chemical-free finishes are used on the pine wood.

Our low loft beds are a prime choice for any member of the family. It is a worthwhile investment that will not depreciate and instead will prove to be more valuable to you as the years go by.