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Captain Beds With Drawers

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We offer a fine selection of Discovery World Furniture captain beds with drawers including numerous models available in a variety of stains, colors, and customizable options. Our captains beds are crafted from real, solid wood materials, and feature a variety of convenient storage options so that you can completely organize your space. At the same time they are built to be elegant, stylish, and match with nearly any decorative setting you are trying to create.

Captain beds with drawers are often used in children’s bedrooms because the numerous drawer options make it easier to keep their clothing and toys organized, neat, and tidy. At the same time, the innovative design of the built in drawers make these captain beds great for smaller children’s bedrooms, or spaces that siblings have to share.

Of course these captain beds with drawers aren’t limited to children’s bedrooms. They can also be used in play rooms or guest bedrooms, or even as a furniture piece in a sitting room or sunroom environment. The storage possibilities make them useful in almost any space, and depending on the design they can be used as easily as a couch as they can a bed, making these captain beds with drawers quite versatile.

The captain beds that we offer also come with customizable drawer options. You can either purchase a captain bed with three drawers and a trundle, or you can choose a captain bed with six drawers for maximum storage. Some select models can even have twelve oversized drawers installed in the captain beds sides giving you unparalleled storage options.