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Kids Storage Furniture

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It can be a surprise to find out just how many things the average child owns; from toys to clothing and everything else in between. No wonder keeping their spaces clean and organized is such a challenge. But with the wide range of kid’s storage furniture that we have in our collection, this challenge will be nothing more than a piece of cake.

Our dressers are made of solid wood material so you can be sure that they are highly resilient and will last for many years to come. We have dressers that have 3, 4 and 6 drawers that feature an easy glide mechanism for smooth opening and closing. These drawers are typically used to contain clothes and accessories but many kids also use them for other things like toys and books.

A child that loves to read deserves to have one of our bookshelves where they can store and display their favorite books. Available in honey and merlot stain, our bookshelves look very elegant and will instantly add to the appeal of any child’s room. They are also very sturdy and can double as display shelves for another décor as well. In fact, a lot of customers who purchase our bookshelves for their home office or living room find that they end up being the focal point of the space and a topic of conversation.

Whether you are looking for a small wooden toy chest for a toddler or a sizable 5-drawer chest for an older child or even an adult, we have a number of items you can choose from. All our chests are very durable and are made to last for a lifetime. The storage space in each drawer is quite large and they can contain a surprisingly large number of items. With their classy look, our chests will actually work well in any room in the house, including the living room or home office.

Our nightstands are expertly crafted and meticulously finished with a variety of wood stains so you can have your pick. The white and honey nightstands are very popular for children’s rooms while the espresso variety is usually purchased by customers for the master bedroom.

All our nightstands are made from the highest quality pine wood and are so sturdy you can even sit on them. They all have a single drawer and a spacious area underneath where you can store books, toys and other items you want to display. The top area is perfect for holding a lamp, an alarm clock and other bedside essentials.

Of all our kids storage furniture, the bunk beds with storage are definitely the most popular. No matter how much storage you need with your kids bunk bed, we have just the solution for you.

Some of our simpler bunk beds come with matching small storage chests that are not attached to the bed itself. We also have more complex designs that are practically entire living spaces combined into one amazing piece of furniture. These larger bunk beds come with several drawers and even hanging closet space for your child’s clothes, as well as smaller drawers for other items.

All our kids storage furniture options are available in the same variety of wood finish. You can decide to purchase just one piece or get an entire collection for your child’s room. You can also use the storage furniture for other rooms in the house, like the office or the guest bedroom, or any other room that requires a practical but elegant storage solution.