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Twin Beds For Girls

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A twin bed is a great furniture piece for a girl’s bedroom because it is sized to their smaller bodies, and thus do not take up as much space. This can be very important in smaller children’s bedrooms, as well as rooms being shared by multiple children. Many of our girls’ twin beds enhance this effect by adding drawers into the design, which make use of the wasted space beneath the mattress as functional storage room.

Our girls’ twin bunk beds are particularly great at saving space. Also known as loft beds, these pieces feature a raised mattress, which can be set over either a second mattress of similar or larger size, or over a desk which allows you to instantly create a study cove. This is particularly useful if you have sisters sharing a room, as bunk beds allow them each to have their own personal property within the room. On a larger scale, girls’ twin bunk beds can also be a great choice for dorms, camps, and boarding schools.

Our girls’ twin captain beds are a mix of style and function. Captain beds are named because a captains quarters on a ship can be quite small, so storage is often built into their bed frames to help with space saving organization. This gives these beds a nautical lilt that is born from their historic origin, making them a bold adventurous choice in a girls’ bedroom.