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Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds


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Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds

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The rich crimson hue of the merlot lacquer finish on these twin size trundle daybeds adds a sense of sophistication to the natural beauty of the real wood materials and quality construction. This is married to the convenience of a piece that has numerous storage options, and the ability to have a trundle bed installed beneath the twin size daybed to make it even more convenient when guests and friends stay the night. That combination of beauty and function makes these twin size trundle daybeds a versatile choice for a variety of bedroom locations.

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Merlot Twin Size Trundle Daybeds

The first thing you will probably notice when looking at photos of the merlot twin size trundle daybeds is that these pieces are built with an attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship which is unsurpassed in the industry. From the use of real, natural wood materials, to the loving touch of the tested lead free merlot stain, these twin size daybeds are a piece of functional art that can adorn almost any room of your home.


The merlot twin size trundle daybeds come in three configuration options. If you want the trundle bed installed beneath the daybed for extra sleeping areas, then you can combine that with three large 15″ x 18″ x 5″  drawers above them, giving you the best of both worlds. If a trundle daybed is not necessary then you can opt for more organization by choosing a six drawer, or even a twelve drawer storage configuration, giving you the ability to essentially build a dresser into what would otherwise be wasted space beneath the daybed.


The fact that these twin size trundle daybeds are so versatile allows them to be used in a wide variety of locations. If you choose the trundle daybed, then that is a great option to have in a child’s room when a friend wants to stay the night. These twin size daybeds can also be placed in guest rooms, filling the drawers with towels and other amenities for guests to enjoy. Some people even use these twin size trundle daybeds in sunrooms or as convertible couches in loft living rooms.


The merlot colored daybed provides a warm, safe sleeping space for your child’s bedroom. The sturdy wooden frame of this rake bed is built from 100% solid wood and is finished with a merlot lacquer coating that is designed to protect the twin size trundle daybed against stains, spills, and nicks making this a strong and beautiful option.


If you are looking for more sleeping space in your home we provide the option of purchasing the twin size trundle daybed,with a wooden trundle bed which pulls out from underneath. A great addition for when guests arrive. If storage is your main concern take a look at our bed with drawers options, including a 6 drawer or 12 drawer storage unit. Plenty of companies claim that their daybeds are the best, but we claim that ours are the best for you!


Dimensions: Bed: 78″ long x 42.5″ wide x 37″ high


Configurations Options:

Twin Size Trundle Daybeds With Three Drawers: This daybed configuration includes a solid wood trundle which slides out from beneath the piece on smooth rolling wheels, allowing you to instantly double the sleeping space in a child’s bedroom, guest room, or anywhere this daybed is used. The Twin size trundle daybeds also include a three drawer under bed dresser that pulls out above the trundle, allowing you to maintain the organizational benefits.of the piece. The drawers feature safe and easy slide european gliders, inset handles, and a spacious 15″ x 18″ x 5″ size.

Twin Size Daybeds With Six Drawers: With six drawers embedded beneath the twin size daybed you have numerous storage options, allowing you to keep clothing, games, personal items, and toys all organized and easy to find at any time. The twin size daybeds also feature an extra large 15″ x 18″ x 5″  size, as well as inset handles and easy slide European gliders.

Twin Size Daybeds With Twelve Drawers: These twin size daybeds are the ultimate space saving, storage and organizational beds available. With twelve drawers designed directly into the twin daybed you have basically an entire dresser beneath you, which can be used to replace a lot of other furniture that might take up space in a smaller bedroom. These drawers also feature inset handles, European gliders and are built to the extra large Discovery World Furniture standards of 15″ x 18″ x 5″

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  1. Jess (store manager)

    The customer service was wonderful throughout my entire experience, The owner himself answered the phone when I called and helped answer all my questions. He even gave me a call back after delivery to make sure everything was perfect.



  2. Robert H (verified owner)

    Looks great, well built. My assembly time for a unit including 6 drawer storage unit was 4 hours total

  3. Y (verified owner)

    arrived earlier than expected

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