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Kids Bunk Beds

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The kids bunk beds that we sell at are all built to exceed the standard ASTM safety requiremenets, and are crafted using quality real wood materials, combined with solid metal on metal connectors. This creates kids bunk beds which are extremely safe, durable, and able to last for years to come, while also looking stylish and elegant in any kids bedroom.

Kids bunk beds are useful in a variety of situations. If you have multiple children sharing a bedroom then you may want to use kids bunk beds to save space, by stacking the sleeping arrangements vertically to free up more floor space in the room. At the same time, each bunk in the bed becomes like a mini room that the child can claim as their own space within the greater shared bedroom environment.

kids can also have a lot of fun with bunk beds. When you get the top bunk it is like you are in the crowsnest of a ship, or at the top of a castle tower looking out over the world. At the same time the bottom bunk is like a secret lair, a clubhouse that can be closed off with pillows and blankets to create fun little forts for kids to enjoy. There are a lot of creative possibilities for play with kids bunk beds.

The kids bunk beds that we offer all have numerous storage options which make them even more convenient for smaller children’s bedrooms. This includes drawers built into staircases, under bed trundle and storage options, and book cases which can be built directly into the structure of the bunk itself. All of this makes the kids bunk beds that we sell extremely efficient for keeping bedrooms neat, tidy, and organized.