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For the avid reader or book collector, books deserve a special place in the home, not only to be stored but also to be displayed proudly. There are several ways that you can do this but few are better than putting your beloved literary collections on a natural wood bookshelf.

There is not much variety in the basic structure of a bookshelf or bookcase. Usually, it has multiple layers of shelves to store books and other decorative items in the home. They can be made of different materials like metal, plastic or glass, but the best bookshelves by far are those that are made of wood. There are several reasons why homeowners pick natural wood bookshelves and here are the most important ones.

Books can be quite heavy, especially if you have hard-bound volumes standing side by side on the shelves. For these cases, you want to get a bookshelf that is made of solid wood, which is by far one of the most durable materials you can use for furniture.

You should also take note that books are not the only items that you can place on a bookshelf. They are often used for displaying a variety of ornamental pieces around the house, like framed photos, antique jars, or even indoor plants. All these items can weigh down on a less stable material and cause it to break.

Wood has an undeniably elegant look to it that instantly boosts the aesthetic value of a room. A natural wood bookcase can easily become the focal point of a room and will draw attention to the items sitting in it.

As for the design and the wood finish, there really are no definite rules when it comes to finding the best one because it would ultimately depend on your personal tastes and preferences. However, it would certainly make a lot of sense if you pick a natural wood bookshelf that matches the rest of the furniture or the overall look of the room.

There is a wide variety in prices when it comes to the cost of a natural wood bookshelf. One of the determining factors of the price is the type of wood that is used. Hardwood is typically more expensive as these are rarer to come by. They are also usually very hard and very heavy, which also makes them more durable.

If you want to have the elegant look of wood but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for the investment, you can go for one of the softwood varieties. This is actually why pine is the most popular material that furniture manufacturers use for natural wood bookshelves. It is relatively low cost but with the right finish, can look just as expensive as its hardwood counterparts.

The great thing about a natural wood bookshelf is that it can look gorgeous no matter what room in the house you put it. Aside from the living room or the home office, a wooden bookshelf can also be perfectly suitable for a guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom or even a playroom.

If you are looking for a natural wood bookshelf that you can use as both a decorative piece of furniture and an efficient storage solution, you can check the items on display at the Kids Furniture Solutions website, which are all of world-class quality. You can buy our bookshelves as individual pieces or a part of a complete living room or bedroom set.