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College Loft Beds

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College loft beds are a great option for students looking to get a bed set for a small first apartment or dorm room. If you are going to have a roommate, then you may want to pick a loft bed so that you can share a room and split the rent. Another option is to purchase an all in one college loft bed, that includes a desk and storage units in the piece itself. Some college loft beds are life complete home offices, with all of the amenities you need to sleep, work, and study every day.

Loft bedding is also becoming a very stylish trend in modern studio apartment living. The idea of limited space being conquered by efficient design resounds with modern sensibilities, making college loft beds a very trendy choice in furnishing decor. At the same time the hardwood look of the pieces we offer has a timeless feel that fits in well with even more elegant environments, making our college loft beds very versatile by design.

Wholesale College Loft Beds

If you are a university, school, or college looking for wholesale information on college loft beds at large bulk wholesale pricing then contact us today. We have years of experience selling loft beds to a variety of customers, and our products are market tested to be strong, durable, resilient, and hassle free, while also providing great storage and organizational options. If you are a college looking for wholesale loft beds we can offer you a selection of pieces that will match and even elevate the style of your dorms.