How to Make a Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Home decorating is a creative process. You start with a palette of colors, furniture pieces, decorations and accessories, and then you arrange them all in different patterns based on the function and aesthetic that you are trying to achieve.  Making a floor plan is a shortcut, that can allow you to visualize an interior space,

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Trundle Beds With Storage

Trundle Beds

When considering children’s beds you often think of characteristics such as comfort, and style. However these furniture pieces can also be functional, with both sleeping space trundle beds, and storage built directly into them. This allows you to multiply the use of the bed, giving you a whole extra place for guests to stay, while

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Kids Room Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas

Kids have a lot of stuff, and you have to put all of that stuff somewhere or it will quickly become hazardous clutter. Luckily there are a number of options available that make use of clever designs, space saving features, and even whimsical motifs, ensuring that your child will stay organized. At the same time

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Decorating a Guest Bedroom

Guest Beds

The secret to decorating a great guest bedroom is finding a way to create comfort that will align to the needs and preferences of anyone who might be staying there. It requires you to step outside of the familiar sense of your own decorative preferences and anticipate what will make your guests feel most at

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