Kids Room Color Psychology

Merlot Kid Beds

When decorating a child’s room, it is important to understand how color will affect their mood, behavior, and development. We all react to the world that our senses describe to us. With color, the impact may be subtle, but over time it can be accumulative. Understanding the effect of different hues on the psychology of

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Kids Room Storage Ideas

Child-Friendly Bedroom Furniture

Kids have a lot of stuff, and you have to put all of that stuff somewhere or it will quickly become hazardous clutter. Luckily there are a number of options available that make use of clever designs, space saving features, and even whimsical motifs, ensuring that your child will stay organized. At the same time

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The Best Beds for Boys

Best Boys Beds

Boys are energetic, rambunctious, and they love to play. That means that they need a bed that can stand the spirited actions of their enthusiastic endeavors. However it also has to be comfortable, safe, and if possible have organizational features that make the entire space more efficient. It also has to be age appropriate, and

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