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Back to School Kids Room Makeovers

Back to School Decor

Back to school is a time of transition that can often be trying for children, as they have to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer in lieu of the more rigid rules of scholastic pursuit. One way to ease the process, while also getting them in the right mind set, is to re-organize and decorate their rooms in order to better function and reflect their responsibilities. If you make proper use of creativity and strategy you might even be able to get them excited about the prospect.
Bunk Bed DeskOne of the first things that you should do is make room for all of the books and supplies that they will need throughout the school year. Often old storage options from the previous year will have fallen into disrepair, being used as temporary holders for other things or simply disbanded altogether. In some cases you will simply need to upgrade to a larger size to accommodate more papers and reading materials as your child matriculates to a more difficult grade.

While thinking about storage, don’t forget to be creative, and make sure to put the fun in functional. You want your child to be able to find and organize everything, but you also want them to be inspired. Cover bookcases in posters of their favorite band, or wrap them in package paper to make them look like presents. Stickers can be used to personalize a piece, and glow in the dark or chalk paint can make each item a canvas for imagination.

One way to inspire your little student is to infuse a room with imagination through the use of a scholastic based theme. This can include science subjects such as the exploration of space, the depths of the ocean, or wild jungle animals. You can also draw from history, literature, or any subject that your child is particularly drawn to. If you can find out what they’ll be studying ahead of time you can even jump the gun a bit and start them on the path to learning success early.

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