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Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds have been a staple in the world of furniture for decades, and it’s no surprise why. Not only are they great for maximizing space in shared bedrooms, but they also provide a fun and exciting sleeping arrangement for kids. At KFS Stores we offer only high-quality and safe bunk bed furniture for children of all ages.

Our wooden bunk beds are a popular choice among parents and children alike. Made from sturdy and durable wood materials, they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Additionally, wood bunk beds offer a timeless and classic look that can complement any bedroom décor.

We offer both full and twin size bunk beds to accommodate different room sizes and sleeping arrangements. Our full bunk beds are perfect for siblings who want to share a room but need a little more space to stretch out. Meanwhile, our twin bunk beds are great for younger children or for those who prefer a more compact sleeping space.

At KFS Stores, safety is our top priority. That’s why we take great care in ensuring that our bunk beds exceed the ASTM standards for bunk safety. We understand that parents want to feel confident that their children are sleeping in a secure and safe environment, and we take that responsibility seriously.

In addition to safety, we also understand that storage can be a concern for parents looking to purchase bunk beds. That’s why we offer a variety of storage options with our bunk bed furniture. From built-in drawers and shelves to attachable bedside caddies, we strive to provide our customers with practical and functional solutions for storage and organization.

Bunk beds aren’t just for young children, either. We also offer bunk beds for college students who are looking to maximize space in their dorm rooms or apartments. Our college bunk beds are designed with the same attention to safety and functionality as our children’s bunk beds. Plus, with the option for lofted beds, students can create additional space for studying or lounging underneath their bed.

KFS also offers wholesale discounts on bulk bunk bed purchases. Whether you’re a children’s furniture store, a college dormitory, or a summer camp looking to furnish multiple cabins, we can provide you with high-quality and affordable bunk bed options. Our wholesale discounts make it easy and cost-effective to purchase multiple bunk beds without sacrificing quality or safety.