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Boys Twin Beds

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Our collection of boys’ twin beds includes an eclectic range of options, including a variety of bunk beds, captain beds, staircase beds, and loft beds. They are also available in a wide variety of finish options, giving you numerous choices when it comes to the style of the furniture piece. At the same time, every bed they we sell is manufactured to the highest levels of quality, with safety ratings that exceed the requirements of state and national law.

Parents know that boys can be a little rambunctious, so the furniture, and especially the beds you choose for their rooms have to be highly durable, and able to withstand roughhousing and rigorous play. What child can resist occasionally hopping up on the bed to bounce and jump with youthful joy. That means that you need a twin bed frame which is sturdy and strong so that it won’t break or buckle beneath the pressures of play.

As you browse our collection, pay attention to the functional details that all of these boys twin beds have built directly into them. Some are designed with attached desks, or are embedded with drawers in the base allowing you to save room and increase storage. We also offer an optional upgrade to any of the boys’ twin bunk beds that we offer, allowing you to choose from a three drawer under mounted system, or a trundle bed which can be pulled out for extra sleep space.