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Loft Beds With Desk

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Our fine collection of loft beds with desks installed beneath them are a great choice for anyone that is looking to save space in a smaller bedroom. If you have children, they often get stuck with the smallest rooms in the house. A loft bed with a desk is a way to give them some of that room back, with a bed that hovers in the air, allowing them to use the room below for study, play, and crafts. Kids also love the ability to look out over their room from the height of the loft like peeking out from a castle’s tower.

At the same time college students and young people in smaller studio apartments can also enjoy the benefits of many of these loft beds with desk installed beneath them. The stylish look lets you sleep in the sky, while below you have a built in office, self contained and ready for you to work, write, or study. Some people say that the concentrated desk space actually helps them focus better because it partitions them from the rest of the world.

The loft beds with desk installed that we offer are all manufactured to exceed ASTM standards for safety, and are built with real solid wood that is connected using metal on metal clasps for a super safe and secure bond. These loft beds with desk are solid and durable and can last for years of use, allowing them to grow with a child, and even follow them to their first apartment.