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Kids Bed Furniture

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Our unique selection of kids’ bed furniture includes a variety of kids’ beds including bunk beds, loft beds, day beds, captains’ beds, and beds in both twin, and full sizes. Each of these categories also contains several iterations of design, allowing you to choose from numerous color and design options. At the same time our catalog of kids’ bed furniture is select, and we have chosen only the finest, high quality pieces to present to our customers.

Some of the most popular kids bed furniture pieces we carry are our kids’ bunk beds and loft beds. These are beds which are raised into the sky, allowing you to stack multiple beds, one on top of the other, or use the space beneath for a functional study desk. Of course, since these beds are raised, we are very concerned about the safety of the kids that use them. Because of this all of our kid’s bunk beds, as well as all of the kids’ bed furniture we sell, not only meets, but exceeds the mandated requirements for durability, strength, and safety.

Captain beds are also popular kids’ bed furniture pieces. These are fun furnishings that are built with drawers installed in the base beneath the mattress. This innovative design makes use of what might otherwise by wasted space, taking a cue from ships’ captains who are often stuck in cramped quarters for long periods of time while out at sea. In this way kids’ captain beds can both be functional, and inspire your child’s imagination.