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Adjustable Shelf Daybeds for Kids With Storage – Ash



Adjustable Shelf Daybeds for Kids With Storage – Ash

(9 customer reviews)
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These adjustable shelf daybeds are an excellent bedroom storage option for kids. They feature an adjustable backboard shelf that can be used to organize and display toys or trophies. Then the frame allows for several different configurable storage options including different numbers of drawers and an optional pull out trundle bed.

SKU: 85221

The adjustable shelf daybeds for kids with storage are among the fastest-selling pieces in our bedroom furniture collection. The ash finish in particular is a favorite because of its versatility and its classic appeal.

The biggest selling point of these daybeds is that they are actually beds that also function as very efficient storage units. To begin, the bookcase feature at the head of the bed can contain a variety of knick knacks, and kids are known to have a lot of these. They can use the space to display their favorite toys or collectible items. It can also contain a night lamp, in lieu of a separate night stand. And of course, since they are bookcases, they can certainly be used to hold storybooks, teen novels or magazines, depending on the age and interest of your child.

This daybed is designed with children in mind, but they are definitely large enough for adults. They are actually very popularly used in guest bedrooms or even master bedrooms. If you have two children sharing a room, this daybed offers a practical solution because it comes with a trundle option. That is, you can opt to purchase it with the trundle pull-out feature, which can accommodate a twin-sized mattress. During the day, the trundle can be stored neatly under the daybed, only to be pulled out at night when it is time to sleep.

If you do not need the extra sleeping space, you can do away with the trundle and choose the drawer option instead. This will give you much-needed storage space under the bed where your child can keep his belongings. You can choose between 6 drawers and 12 drawers, depending on the amount of extra storage you need. All these drawers are fitted with European gliders that make them slide smoothly regardless of how much you put in them. But to keep them from sliding out entirely, we have also installed safety stoppers on each drawer.

When it comes to craftsmanship, few pieces can compare with the quality and attention to detail that has been given in the assembly of these adjustable shelf daybeds for kids with storage. The sheer durability of the pine wood is further enforced by the metal on metal connectors that are used in putting together the individual wood pieces of the bed.

All the surfaces are finished with a non-toxic kid-friendly ash color, giving it a perfectly safe and extremely sophisticated look. The neutral hue of the wood finish also adds to the bed’s appeal. It is perfect for both boys and girls of all ages. Unlike the bright paints that are typical of children’s furniture, this ash daybed can grow old very well with any child, and they can even use it all the way into adulthood without having to repaint or refinish it.

Another excellent safety detail of these daybeds is their nicely rounded corners. Children can be very playful and when they get really boisterous, accidents can happen. Sharp edges increase the risk of serious injuries, which is why we have ensured that all edges and corners of our furniture are as safe as possible even for the most energetic kids.

We offer substantial discounts on wholesale prices, and we can have your purchases delivered to your location for your convenience. You can also send us a message if you need more information and we will be very happy to answer all your questions.

9 reviews for Adjustable Shelf Daybeds for Kids With Storage – Ash

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    Pictures don’t do the color justice, you can see more of the woodgrains highlighted in gray

  2. Cam (verified owner)

    So glad to finally find a real wood bed, no particle board.

  3. William (verified owner)

    Day Bed looks great in our guest room, it is a little wide, be sure to check dimensions to make sure it will fit in your room

  4. Lori (verified owner)

    The storage drawers are spacious and glide smoothly. So convenient for storing extra bedding and clothes

  5. angela

    Had a few shipping damage issues, customer service took care of it right way.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    WOW! I am so impressed by the sturdyness of these beds. I’ve put a lot of furniture together, ikea and such, and its usually pretty flimsy. Feels like it might fall apart if you turn the fan on. Not this. I’ve got two rowdy boys and they jump on everything but I’m confidant this bed can take it. The drawers and things are pretty nifty too.

  7. Annie (verified owner)

    Boxes arrived on different days – wasn’t sure when I had received everything and could start building.

  8. Callie (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. arrived 2 days before estimated delivery.

  9. Julie (verified owner)

    Part # 1 has a crack – need replacement

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