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Children’s Playroom Furniture

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There are a number of things that you want from children’s playroom furniture. It has to be safe, and reliable, while also being functional, fun, and stylish. It’d also be nice if it didn’t break the bank. Luckily you’ve come to KFS Stores, where we specialize in children’s furniture pieces that are manufactured to the highest standards of style, quality, and resilience, while also having a touch of whimsy to spark the imagination.

Our selection of novelty themed beds are particularly fun for children. One of our most popular playroom furniture pieces is the dollhouse loft bed, which is painted to look like a giant, life sized toy that your kids can actually sleep in. Similar products include our line of awesome race car beds. These cool furnishings look like they are about to zip off across the floor, making bedtime more fun than chore.

One way to increase the functionality of a child’s playroom is through the addition of a captains bed. These pieces are built with multiple storage compartments, making them intrinsically useful for storing toys, books, and games. The sleeping surface allows the area to double as a guest bedroom for sleepovers and family visits. A bed can also double as a toy, being a rocket ship, a submarine, or a ship at high seas, depending on how your kids imagination decides to fly.