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Discovery World Furniture White Bedroom Dresser



Discovery World Furniture White Bedroom Dresser


A highly functional dresser for bedrooms, living rooms, dens, or anywhere that you want to combine the convenience of storage with a broad, strong face top surface for lamps, televisions, and other decorative entertainments.

SKU: 0271R

These elegant white entertainment dressers are the perfect bedside accessory. They can be employed in a variety of ways to give you plenty of storage, while also functioning as a broad horizontal surface, upon which can be placed televisions, lamps, makeup mirrors, or decorative pieces of art. Meanwhile the space below is fully utilized with a series of six side by side drawers and two top shelves for visible display.

These entertainment dressers are very popular in living rooms, dens, family rooms, and other public spaces. Often a television will be positioned on top, with media such as games and movie players taking the lower shelving spots. Then cartridges, disks, and tapes can be stored below, interspersed with board games, picture albums, and other fun social accessories.

The solid wood & MDF design and painted white facade gives these dressers a versatility that allows them to be employed by a variety of people in numerous spaces. Kids love them because they can use them to store toys, books, and clothes, while utilizing the top space for play. They also work well in guest rooms, where the drawers can be filled with useful amenities such as clean towels and toiletries.


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