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Discovery World Furniture White Chair



Discovery World Furniture White Chair


Discovery World Furniture White Chair

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Sit comfortably in a new Discovery World Furniture white chair. This solid wood desk chair is the perfect addition for your new desk!



Discovery World Furniture utilizes a combination of solid wood and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for the construction of its white finish furniture and that’s a good thing! This blend of solid wood and MDF construction maintains the structural integrity of solid wood construction and combines it with the benefit of a paint friendly MDF surface.

Though white finishes are beautiful and elegant any opaque white finish that is applied to solid wood furniture may be variable and rough. This finicky type of finish is prone to showing minor imperfections and blemishes that result from the solid wood construction itself. The natural expansion and contraction of the wood, sap, or knots are likely to cause these blemishes and are sometimes visible in the final product. Though Discovery World Furniture carefully selects lumber with the fewest number of knots for the manufacturing of its white product line, knots themselves are inevitable. With these knots, and their high sap resin content it can be expected that a discoloration of the white finish (typically a yellowing) may occur in conjunction with mild cracking or chips in these areas. Minor touch up should be expected.

In using both MDF and solid wood construction for its white finish product line Discovery World Furniture reduces the number of these blemishes while still providing a high quality and beautiful product that you can enjoy for years to come. Just see our product reviews to hear what other satisfied customers have to say or contact us for more information.

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