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Full Over Full Bunk Beds

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KFS Stores offers Discovery World Furniture’s line of full over full bunk beds. These great full over full bunks combine the space saving features of a classic bunk bed with the comfort of a full size bed giving you the best of both worlds. Made from solid wood these bunk beds are high quality pieces which are manufactured to exceed all ASTM bunk bed safety standards and are rated to support up to 400 pounds on each sleeping surface! All of our full over full bunk beds come with a free configuration upgrade of either a 3 drawer under bed storage or pull out trundle bed. These bunk beds really have it all!

Full over full bunk beds are wonderful because they are both amazing space saving solutions, but they also give you the comfort of a full sized bed to enjoy throughout the night. The full over full bunk design saves horizontal space within a bedroom by placing one bed atop another, giving you the function of two large, full and comfortable beds, while only taking up the floor space of a single full bed.

With children sharing a bedroom there can sometimes be a bit of a rivalry as to who gets which bunk. There are of course advantages to each. The child who gets the the top bunk gets to look out over the world, like peering out from a castle, or the crest of a mountain. But the child who gets the bottom bunk in a full over full bunk bed gets their own private cave, which is guarded by walls of bed that can be reinforced with pillows and blankets. By choosing a full over full bunk you will save on fights by ensuring that both beds are the same size.

These are also great full over full bunk beds for dorms rooms and college students. If you are in a situation where you have to share a room or a dorm with a roommate then having a quality crafted stylish full over full bunk bed can be a great option for saving space, while also giving each person their own somewhat private realm within the room.