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Full Over Full Wood Bunk Beds – Charcoal


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Full Over Full Wood Bunk Beds – Charcoal

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This solid natural wood full over full bunk bed is treated with a bold and yet refined charcoal color that gives these pieces a distinct nature and a unique quality. This enhances the natural solid wood materials by highlighting the unique patterns with a blush of hue. This is combined with a solid, full over full bunk bed construction that is sturdy enough for the biggest kids and teens.

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If you are looking to save space in a cramped bedroom that is inhabited by two growing kids then your best bet will be to go with a bunk bed. These full over full models are designed to be cozy enough for a small child, but big enough for them to grow into and even use when they are teens and young adults.  That makes them very versatile and also saves you the expense of having to buy a bigger sleeping surface when they get older.

One of the great things about bunk beds, especially for kids who are getting older and want more privacy, is that they create a kind of horizontal delineation between the two inhabitants of the bedroom. It isn’t as good as having their own room, but on the top bunk the child is physically separated from anyone below. This can even be enhanced, on both top and bottom, with screens or curtains to provide extra privacy.

While these full over full wood bunk beds are great for kids’ bedrooms, they are also strong, large, and sturdy enough for college age kids and young adults, or even parents raising kids in small apartments. Many universities purchase these bunk beds wholesale at bulk pricing, while some adults just starting out will buy them to make having a roommate easier.

The wood bunk beds that we sell at KFS Stores are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and durability, and they even exceed the ASTM’s standards for bunk safety. The natural wood is solid, and joined by eal metal on metal connectors to ensure that the entire piece is secure, and able to last through many years of use, and even re-use when your kids grow up and start families of their own.

This wood bunk bed accommodates a mattress height of 8” and measures 80”L x 57”W x 68”H.

Bunk Bed Options

3-Drawer Under Bunk Storage: With this option your bed is outfitted with three extra large storage drawers which measure 15” x 18” x 5”. These are an excellent storage option for tight spaces, as well as a way to keep items like books, glasses, magazines, or e-readers near to the bed so you don’t have to get up whenever you want to retrieve them.

Under Bunk Trundle Bed: Choosing the wood bunk bed with trundle option gives you a third sleeping space that can be used by guests, family, or small children as needed. It pulls out on smooth European gliders, and can accommodate a twin sized mattress.

3 reviews for Full Over Full Wood Bunk Beds – Charcoal

  1. Connor (verified owner)

    Thank you for shipping this! I was very impressed with how well this was delivered given the size.

  2. Tammyy (verified owner)

    thank you!!!! perfect for the spare room!!

  3. caanan (verified owner)

    To say this this piece of furniture is perfect is an understatement.

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