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Girls Loft Beds

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Our wide variety of girls loft beds include numerous designs and options, allowing you to pick the perfect piece for your daughter’s décor. We have numerous wooden loft beds which are stained in a variety of colors including rich deep Merlot, dark espresso, glowing honey gold, and shabby chic pristine white. We also offer popular girls loft dollhouse beds, which add a sense of whimsical fun to the space, while also encouraging imagination and creativity in your kids.

Loft beds are a great option if your girls’ bedroom is a little small, or if you need to have siblings or relatives share a bedroom. The bed over bed loft design allows you to double the sleeping space without taking up any floor space. You also have a few options where a single bed is raised over a desk structure, to create a study cove without breaking into the rest of the room. In this way a girls’ loft bed can be one of the most functional pieces you can choose for your daughter’s bedroom.

Yet many of our loft beds actually go beyond this inherent design functionality, building even more accessories into the piece to make our loft beds the ultimate in kids’ furnishings. Many of these loft beds include drawers, and even under bed trundle options, which can make use of every nook and cranny n the most efficient way possible. Because of this we proudly invite you to browse our collection, and choose the perfect loft bed for your daughter’s bedroom.