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Boys Captain Beds

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Captain beds are a great choice for a boys’ room for a variety of reasons. First, captain beds are by definition built with drawers underneath the frame of the furnishing. This is great for a smaller bedroom because it will provide you with extra room for storage of toys and games, without taking up valuable floor space the way a stand-alone dresser would. This can also be important in bedrooms shared by several children.

Boys’ captain beds are also a really fun feature to a young child’s rom. They were originally inspired by the beds found in real ship captain’s quarters. The drawers would be installed beneath the frame for extra storage, because a captains quarters are generally small and cramped, with space at a premium. With a boys’ captain bed, your child can pretend they are a real ship’s captain, setting out to sea every time they crawl into bed at night.

Our collection of boys’ captain beds include an eclectic range of models and styles. We have captain beds that are also bunk beds, as well as a variety of configurations providing additional storage, shelves, drawers, and even optional below base trundles for unexpected sleepovers. You also have numerous finish and color options which makes it easy to find the right boys captain bed for your child’s bedroom décor.