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Full Wood Captain Beds

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We have a fine selection of full size solid wood captains beds, stained in a variety of finishes, and manufactured with numerous configuration options. The stains used on these bedroom furniture pieces are all tested lead and toxin free, and serve to create a safe, protective covering over the surface of the bed, while also enhancing the look of the natural wood. Matched bedroom accessories can also be purchased to compliment your captains bed.

Our full captains beds give you a sleeping surface that is small enough to be unobtrusive, but large enough to hold a full grown adult. Because of this you can purchase these beds for children when they are young, and keep them through their teenage and young adult years without having to go out and find a whole new bed. At the same time these wood captains beds have a versatile elegance that makes them perfect for adult bedrooms, guest rooms, playrooms, cabins, spare bedrooms, and loft apartments.

The selection of full captains beds that we offer includes a number of different storage configurations, allowing you to get double duty out of your furniture. Many of these pieces allow you to choose to have drawers, and or a trundle bed installed into the frame of the piece. Some of these wood captains beds also have backboard shelves where small possessions can be both stored and displayed. There are even a few captains beds that include a second, upper level bunk.

Elegant and stately, while also being fun and whimsical, captains beds are named because they were originally designed to be used by captains who were forced to live in cramped quarters at sea for many months at a time. That is why every inch of space in the frame and along the edges is used for organization in these pieces. That functionality can be a great option when choosing a wood bed for smaller spaces throughout the home.