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Children’s dressers are the traditional place for storing clothes and other personal items. In addition, their top surface is also used as a strategic display area for things like framed photos, lamps, or maybe a vase of fresh flowers. In any case, dressers are a vital piece of furniture in a child’s bedroom so it goes without saying that you should be very careful when shopping for one.

There are a lot of elements to consider when you go searching for that perfect dresser for your kid’s room. Your little one might have their own preferences but before you automatically go with their choice, here are some of the most important factors that you should study carefully before making a decision.

Your child will use their dresser literally every day of their life for many years to come. In fact, they will open and close the drawers multiple times a day, as many times as they change their clothes or so. Thus, you need to get one that is built to withstand all this pushing and pulling day in and day out.
Wooden children’s dressers score very well in this regard. Solid wood dressers, in particular, like the ones we have here at Kids Furniture Solutions, should be able to last for years with minimal maintenance. They can also hold heavy items without collapsing. It won’t be a good idea to have kids climbing on top of these dressers but in case they do, you can be sure that our dressers can withstand such weight.

In order to determine the size of children’s dressers you should be looking at, you should first figure out how much stuff your child is going to put inside the drawers. If they don’t have that many clothes and personal belongings, a three-drawer dresser might suffice, especially if the child is still young or the bedroom is on the small side.

Of course, there are also bigger children’s dressers if those are what you prefer. Kids Furniture Solutions has dressers that have as little as 2 and as many as 6 drawers. These dressers might be a little harder for a small child to reach but they can definitely become more useful as the child grows older.

In a bedroom, the bed and the dresser are two of the biggest pieces of furniture. So it only makes sense that they should either match or complement each other in terms of design or appearance. At KFS, we have complete sets of children’s furniture so you can be sure that they definitely match.

Our dressers come in a wide variety of wood paints and finishes. White is the most popular choice for children’s rooms while the purple and pink dresser is indeed a best-seller among girls. Natural wood finishes such as honey, merlot, charcoal and espresso are more popular for the bedrooms of older children and even adults.

This is always an important factor when buying furniture, but even more important if the furniture is to be used by young children who are much more prone to accidents. In order to minimize injuries in case of these accidents, we make sure to always comply with the safety standards for furniture. No toxic chemicals are ever used in our wood-finishing process, and all the corners of our furniture are rounded. The construction process is also very well-supervised so you don’t have to doubt the stability and safety of the furniture.