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Kids Toy Organizer Chest – Ash

Kids Toy Organizer Chest – Ash

When choosing furniture for a child’s room you want to select pieces that are not only aesthetically complimentary to the space, but which are inherently functional. This kid’s toy organizer chest is a furnishing that is able to combine the hue elevated beauty of natural real wood materials, with a design that can help instill an inherent sense of organization into the space.

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Keeping a child’s room tidy and neat is one of the challenges that parents all over the world face on a daily basis, and this kid’s toy organizer chest in ash provides the perfect solution. It can actually be easy to maintain some order in a child’s room if they learn to do it early on their own. To encourage them, you can give them this cool kids toy organizer chest, and they will certainly be more eager to keep their room organized. With the help of this chest, your kids might even start to put away their clutter of toys even if you don’t tell them to do it.

Classic Look

Made from solid pine wood in an ash finish, it is a very robust piece of furniture that will not only keep a child’s toys neatly out of sight but will also greatly increase the aesthetic value of the room. The design is very simple and classic and it will work perfectly in any kind of room, regardless of the theme or color scheme.

This kid’s toy organizer chest can do well on its own as a standalone piece of furniture. You can also get two of them and place them side by side if you need more storage. It also makes for an excellent bedside table for a child’s room, where you can place a lamp and an alarm clock.

Adequate Storage Space

This toy organizer chest has a total of two open shelves to the left and three drawers to the right. In addition, there is an open area on top, on which you can place additional storage boxes or pretty toy baskets if necessary.

The drawers are not only great for containing toys. You can also use them as an opportunity to teach your child how to sort and organize. Cars and trucks can go into the first drawer, cooking toys can go into the next, and so on. Like Mary Poppins said, kids can actually enjoy cleaning up their room if they treat it as a fun activity instead of a chore.

The shelves are ideal for storing a child’s first books. In fact, filling these shelves with interesting books would be a great way to instill in them a love for reading. You can also use the space for your child’s dolls, stuffed animals, or larger toy trucks that won’t fit in the drawers.

Safe for Children

This chest does not have any sharp or pointed edges. All the corners are rounded to help prevent injuries. It also has a chemical-free finish so you won’t have to smell any nasty odors or irritants even when it has just been delivered to your home. It complies with all safety standards so it is guaranteed to be safe even for very young children and individuals with allergies.

Versatile Design

It is called a kids toy organizer chest but this piece of furniture is actually highly versatile and can be used in just about any room in the house. If you have a small guest room that does not have its own closet space, this chest can provide sufficient storage for clothing, towels and other personal items. It can also be used to store documents in a home office.

The chest is fitted with swivel caster wheels that make it easy to push around when you need to clean or if you want to rearrange your room’s furniture, without ruining the surface of your floor.


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