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Full Daybed With Trundle

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A daybed is a luxurious item, that can be used as a primary sleeping surface, or as a way to upgrade the function of a spare room in your home. These dynamic furnishings are designed to be comfortable and elegant rest locations, that also have highly functional drawers and storage spaces built directly into the base. That gives you so many organizational items that it is almost like having a full dresser, that just happens to have a mattress on top.

Many people purchase full size daybeds for children, teens, and young adults. The larger size can accommodate their growing bodies, while the many storage options give them the ability to keep their growing collection of possessions neat and organized. Having a daybed with a trundle that pulls out is also useful, as it gives friends and family members a place to crash when they visit.

Our collection of full daybeds with trundles are manufactured using solid wood materials, which are finished with one of a variety of delightful lacquer hue finishes including merlot, honey, and premium espresso. Stylish enough for adults, functional enough for multi purpose areas, and safe enough for kids and teens, these daybeds are the perfect choice for nearly any environment.