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Captains Beds For Sale

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Here you will find KFS Stores full collection of captains beds for sale, including a wide variety of elegant and luxurious pieces that can be used in numerous environments. The captains beds that we have for sale are manufactured using real, solid wood materials, which are delicately treated with a lovely lacquer finish to create pieces that have an inherent dignity, style, and sophistication.

The elegant charm of the captains beds that we have for sale, makes these pieces appropriate for a variety of locations, from childrens bedrooms and playrooms, to guest rooms, cabins, and home office locations. The versatility of the readily built in storage gives these sleeping surfaces a double purpose that can make them a great choice in any room where you need to maximize the function of the space.

There is also a playful and creative feel to the captains beds that we have on sale, due to the nature and the naming of these pieces. They’re called captains beds because they were originally designed for captains, who were forced to stay in cramped quarters for many months at sea. Thus the beds were built to maximize storage, with both drawers and shelves providing viable options for organizing a space.