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The Best Beds for Boys

Best Boys Beds

Boys are energetic, rambunctious, and they love to play. That means that they need a bed that can stand the spirited actions of their enthusiastic endeavors. However it also has to be comfortable, safe, and if possible have organizational features that make the entire space more efficient. It also has to be age appropriate, and cater to the particular tastes of the child it will be used by.

Beds For BoysOne of the best beds for boys rooms are captains beds. These pieces are cleverly designed to have drawers inserted directly into the frame, giving you a wealth of additional storage options for books, toys, clothes, and crafting supplies. At the same time they are nautical in nature, allowing your child to imagine soaring the seas or searching for treasures as they float amidst an imaginary world of watery waves.

When choosing a boys bed, you should think about their current needs as well as the developing requirements they will have as they grow and get bigger. When they are young a twin sized bed will be great, as it will perfectly match the size of their bodies, but as they get older you will eventually have to transition to a full sized piece or larger in order to ensure that they are comfortable in their sleeping area.

Beds For Kids
If you have boys who are sharing a bedroom then a bunk bed is a great space saving option. By placing a sleeping surface vertically above another, you can free up a lot of floor area, giving them more room to play and work. Often these products will also have organizational features, similar to those found in captains beds, making them even more functional.

One of the things you should look for when trying to find the best boys bed is safety and structure. Some products are shoddy, and will fall apart if jumped on, or used in rambunctious play. Luckily KFS Stores has a wide variety of top quality pieces that can be bought, all of which actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and stability.

A great option for boys who don’t particularly like bed time is to make use of a novelty bed. Products that are painted to look like race cars, tents, doll houses, castles, and other fun things can all make it a lot more exciting to head to sleep each night. This engages their imaginations, giving them something to think about with quiet glee as they drift to slumber and quiet dreams.

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