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Choosing Bed Sizes For Kids

Twin Sized Beds

What bed is the right size for your child? This is a complex question that doesn’t have a perfect answer, but there are a number of things that you can take into consideration when determining whether your kids need a twin, full, or larger sized mattress to be comfortable. This touches on points of age, growth, and of course psychology, requiring you to understand where they are in their development while also being aware of the complexities involved with change of any kind at a young age.

Twin Bed Sizes

Infant Bed Sizes

Babies start off in cribs, but as they grow eventually it will be time to move them to a big kid’s bed. Unfortunately this can be a somewhat traumatic experience, representing their first environmental change in which they are taken from the walled in safety of an infant’s space and placed in a completely open container.

When moving a baby to a bed you generally want to start off with a small twin sized mattress. The edges of this will act as psychological barriers, allowing your child to comfortably slip into the hold of the form and find comfort in their surroundings. In some cases employing a novelty bed can be a good idea, as it can make this somewhat scary transition fun and exciting.

Kids Bed Sizes
Full Sized BedsAs children get older they inevitably grow, and eventually a twin sized bed will seem stiflingly small to them. Determining when it is time to get a bigger piece of furniture is a matter of being open to their perceptions and perspective. Talk to them, get a feel for how they are adjusting, and then make the decision yourself. Interaction is key here, as it will give you the greatest insight into where they are in their personal development.

Big Kid Bed Sizes

When dealing with teenagers the bed situation is often complicated by adjustments they are making socially as they develop and grow. Make sure that they have a bed that they can be proud of, so that their esteem is supported by the furnishings in their surroundings. You certainly don’t want them teased for having something that might be deemed suitable only for an infant or smaller child.

If you are strategic in your long term planning you can get your teen a bed that is big enough to accommodate them all of the way through college and beyond. A full sized piece is a common accouterment in dorm rooms, so if your kid decides to live on their own, being able to bring their childhood bed can save you and them a lot of money and hassle. This can even transition into a piece that can be used in their first apartment!

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