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Toddler Beds

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When shopping for toddler beds it is important to find the right one for your little one. That is because this will often be their first bed after a transition from sleeping in a crib each night. That’s a big change, and can be disrupting in a variety of ways, so you have to find a product that is safe, comfortable, and able to set them at ease. Luckily there are a number of quality toddler beds available that can meet all of those needs and more.

Many of our best toddler beds feature a variety of organizational features, which allow them to do double duty in a space. This includes our collection of captains beds, and daybeds, which have numerous storage drawers built right into their frames. That can be used to hold clothes, toys, games, books, or anything you might need. They also often have shelves that can be utilized for even more organization.

Our low loft toddler beds allow you to get your little one comfortable with a raised sleeping surface, without forcing them to go to the height of a full bunk. These clever little products are designed with a minimal height, that doesn’t allow for a full standing beneath the frame, but does give you enough room for a small chest, desk, shelves, or even a hidden playhouse for your kids. That might be a good idea for families that are expecting to expand, where a larger loft would eventually be necessary.

Some of the best toddler beds are going to be novelty models that are built and designed to look like something whimsical. This can include things like race cars, dollhouses, or sporty outdoorsy tents. These end up being like giant toys that your toddler can interact with directly, encouraging them to be creative and use their imaginations. They can also be a distraction from any anxiety that might arise from transition away from a crib to a regular “big kid” bed.