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Charcoal Kids Nightstand


Charcoal Kids Nightstand

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This charcoal kids nightstand features an understated design that will naturally blend into a variety of bedroom decorating palettes. At the same time it has an inherent functionality as both a storage, and a useful nighttime companion piece for kids to place books, or snacks on, or which can be used to house a small lamp.

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This charcoal kids’ nightstand is the perfect blend of function and style that would work very nicely in any child’s room. It offers a surprisingly large amount of storage for a relatively compact piece of furniture. Its single drawer is both wide and deep and is actually much larger than the standard size so you get much more storage space. It easily slides out on very smooth European gliders. It also features a classic and sensible knob that is easy to grasp even with small hands.

The generous dimensions of the drawer allow you to store just about anything in it, from personal items like journals and mementos to more sizable objects like books, toys, or even extra towels and bedding. If your child has a small closet that has limited space, the nightstand drawer can also be a good place to store pajamas and other night clothes. You can also use it to stash some midnight snacks in case you get hungry in the middle of the night.

With drawers, especially on furniture for kids’ rooms, there is usually the fear that they might get pulled out completely and fall off, hitting someone’s foot and causing injuries. This is one of the common concerns that parents have when buying furniture for very young children. But with this nightstand, you don’t have to worry about the drawer falling out because it comes with reliable stoppers as a precautionary measure. The gliders also make pulling it quite effortless, making it very easy for even young children to have access.

In addition, this nightstand comes with several other safety features. For instance, there is no need to be very concerned about kids bumping into the corners of the nightstand because these are rounded in order to help avoid serious injuries. The charcoal finish on the surface of the nightstand is also applied with a non-toxic kid-friendly finish.

This single-drawer nightstand also features a roomy open area underneath the drawer that can be used for storing larger items. It’s a good place to store things like shoeboxes, a small toy chest, or storybooks for bedtime reading. The space can also make a nice “home” for a child’s large stuffed animals.

The top of the nightstand is very sturdy. You can put a night lamp on it and a small pile of your child’s favorite storybooks if they like to do some nighttime reading, or maybe just a small night light if they are afraid to sleep in the dark.

The nightstand is made with 100% natural pine and is finished in classic charcoal. The durability of the natural wood is complemented by the extra strong metal on metal connectors, guaranteeing that this piece of furniture will be able to last for many years to come.

Ideal for kids’ rooms, this nightstand is also suitable for teenagers and adults. It also makes a nice addition to a guest bedroom. The classic design of the furniture, as well as the hue of the finish, makes it a highly versatile piece that can easily match any interior décor style that you have going on in any room. The shape is also quite basic and will easily fit into most spaces.

If you are looking for a sensible piece of furniture to complete your child’s bedroom, this charcoal kids’ nightstand might just be the perfect solution. Assembly is required but we do offer delivery for all our items. We also offer bulk discounts if you need to order large quantities. Message us to order or to get more information.

7 reviews for Charcoal Kids Nightstand

  1. angel (verified owner)

    Unique color and you can’t beat the quality. It arrived so you do not have to put anything together.

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    i appreciate all of the help i received when purchasing this item. i am vedry happy with the quality

  3. bela (verified owner)

    the color of this furniture is very beautiful and i am pleased with how heavy it is because it is very sturdy. the price is right and it comes right to your door so you dont even have to do much after that.

  4. Leela (verified owner)

    Thank you for the shipping!!!!! nice nightstand!!

  5. Whitney Y. (verified owner)

    This furniture looks gorgeous in our guest room and I cannot say enough about the quality.

  6. Leighton (verified owner)

    This item is gorgeous and it is the perfect thing for our room~!

  7. TT (verified owner)

    Arrived with broken drawer – need replacement part

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