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Charcoal Accessories

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Our line of charcoal accessories and furnishings includes a wide variety of beautiful and useful products for your home. This includes media chests built to house and display electronics, game consoles, DVD and blu ray players as well as televisions and screens. We also have storage dressers that are perfect for organizing clothes, books, or movies, as well as a line of desks that are designed with even more clever storage options.

All of the products in our charcoal accessories category are built using real, natural wood materials, that are joined to one another in a solid, tongue and groove pattern to ensure that every piece has the maximum durability, and will be able to last through decades of rigorous use. These home furnishings are also stained with a lovely charcoal grey finish, which is then enhanced and protected with a cover coat of sealant.

The accessories and home furnishings found in this category are all designed to have a mission style look. This is an extremely versatile stye that is often considered transitional, and which matches perfectly with contemporary, traditional, and tone neutral decorative environments. At the same time the color is subdued enough that, while it will enhance the visual appeal of a space, it won’t dominate it, allowing you to set the aesthetic focus.