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Decorating for Modern Kids

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When it comes to designing a space for children and teenagers, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to make sure that the space is modern and reflects their personality. You also want to make sure that the room is functional and comfortable. In addition, keep in mind their age and interests. A modern, stylish look can be achieved by using bright colors and interesting patterns.

Some design elements to consider incorporating that will nurture their creativity and encourage them to grow as individuals:

Blackboard walls

Decorating for modern kids can be challenging, a great idea for those who are artsy or is a blackboard wall. This is a wall, or part of a wall, painted in blackboard paint that they can draw on with chalk and let their creative energy out.

Mirrored wall(s)

For those who’re into acting, singing, or dancing it can be great to provide them a mirror to practice in front of. An accessible option for including mirrors is replacing in-built robe doors with mirrored doors. Mirrors can also be used for drawing with some white-board style markers or can be used for blue-tacking pictures and photos without damaging a painted surface.

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Pinboard/magnet boards

For those who’re into arts and crafts or the budding science genius with posters, clippings, and charts a fantastic feature is magnet boards and pinboards. This gives them a space where they can showcase their work and change what’s on the wall without damaging the paint.

Mural wall

A more extreme and permanent approach to creating a great space for children of any age is a mural wall. This can be a copy of a favorite picture or painting, a scene from their favorite movie or cartoon, or an original creation based on their favorite interests. This is a bright and original way to make their room one-of-a-kind, if you include them in the painting of this wall even better!


Don’t be afraid to combine these ideas into a feature wall. Decorating for modern kids is all about harnessing your (and their) creativity. For example, a mural across the top of a wall above drawing height with a blackboard or pinboard section on the bottom. Making a mirror wall opposite will allow the feature wall to be the backdrop of any imaginary performances in the mirror.


While paint, color, and style are integral to creating a great personalized space when decorating for modern kids, what goes in the room is just as important. Accessorize with posters of their favorite bands, books, or movies. If they love music, create a dedicated creative space for their musical interests. If they play sports, give them a gear rack or dedicated furniture to store their sporting equipment. By taking these things into account, you can create a space that is perfectly suited to your child’s personality and interests.

For younger children

Decorating for modern kids is generally easier when they are younger, start by using soft colors and whimsical designs, as this will help create a fun and inviting space that they will enjoy spending time in. You can also use furniture with rounded edges like the Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs to create a more playful feel.

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For older children and teenagers

As children get older, decorating for modern kids can become more challenging and requires greater attention to detail. Begin by taking a more sophisticated approach, use darker colors such as navy blue, along with bold patterns like stripes or chevron; if they are into sports then use team colors as accents in the room. You can also incorporate modern furniture with sleek lines like the Donco Cappuccino Kids Loft Bed with Desk and their own sectional sofa. This will create a cool, contemporary feel in the room that they will love to hang out in with their friends!

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