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Decluttering Crowded Spaces

Small Kids' Bedrooms

Decluttering crowded spaces has many positive outcomes and they aren’t all just aesthetic advantages. Yes, decluttering will make your room more appealing and provide a pleasant environment for the family and visitors alike, but there is more going on than you think.

Mental Clutter

Having physical clutter causes ‘mental-clutter’. In other words, it creates a mental checklist and this mental checklist drains a person’s energy. Clutter is a constant reminder that there are things that need to be done and prevents a truly relaxing environment. This has many implications including decreased performance on activities like homework.

Minimize your child’s mental clutter.

An easy and effective way to help your child improve their mental energy is to declutter their space. There are many ways to do this, one of the quickest and easiest is to invest in space-saving furniture. This Kids Loft Bed with Desk is a perfect example of furniture that can assist you with decluttering crowded spaces in your child’s room. This loft will allow you to organize your child’s books with a bookshelf on the end, while also organizing your child’s toys utilizing the built-in draws. The loft also offers a handy fold-away desk allowing for an open and free play space for your children to relax.


Can you declutter a social child’s room?

Decluttering your child’s room doesn’t mean you can no longer have a second bed for your child’s friends or that those messy games have to be thrown away. The Discovery World Furniture Twin All in One Espresso Loft Bed provides the perfect solution for your social children. This well-designed furniture comes with a trundle bed disguised as a draw at the bottom of the unit that easily tucks away until needed. This provides safe sleeping space for the children in your care as well as providing plenty of room to store your child’s clothes, games, or other messy items. This bed also comes with a desk that slides out when it’s time for homework.

Decluttering a shared bedroom

Just because your children share a room doesn’t mean there is less opportunity to declutter. Decluttering crowded spaces can also include condensing the sleeping quarters of your children. One of the easiest and most effective ways to declutter the room will be to invest in a bed that accommodates both children. Kids Furniture Solutions (KFS) has a great range of children’s loft beds. With their extensive range, there will be something that suits your children’s style without compromising their new open and decluttered space.

storage furniture

Decluttered beds for older children

There are many great beds to help declutter your teenagers room. The KFS Captain Beds and KFS Day Beds are great examples of stylish furniture that will help your teenager declutter their crowded spaces without compromising their image with their friends. They came in a range of sizes and colors and will allow for individual expression from your teenager.

Decluttering other crowded spaces

Decluttering isn’t just limited to your children’s bedrooms.

Other rooms can also be decluttered with the use of well-designed furniture. The Discovery World Furniture Charcoal Media Chest would make a great addition to your living room allowing you to organize your gaming consoles and other media devices. The Discovery World Furniture White Desk with Hutch minimizes clutter when you are not using your work desk while also allowing for plenty of working room when needed.

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