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Donco Cappuccino Kids Loft Bed with Desk


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Donco Cappuccino Kids Loft Bed with Desk


Transform your kids bedroom with the Donco Kids Low Loft Beds with desk and storage bookcase, and dresser. A truly fantastic space saving solution for small kids rooms. .

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The Donco Cappuccino Kids Low Loft Beds with storage are great all in one loft beds for kids bedrooms. This low loft bed design provides the perfect sleeping platform for your children, as well as all of the storage functionality that they need for both work and play.  The low loft sleeping surface is easily accessible by your kids with a super safe staircase that only has three simple steps. At the same time it allows you to optimize the space below the sleeping surface with a foot board bookcase, pullout desk, and a 3 drawer storage dresser. All of this functionality is available in one small footprint which allows you to maximize the functionality of the floor space of your kids bedroom.

The Cappuccino kids low loft bed with storage and desk is constructed of solid pine wood, and features a durable, kid friendly Cappuccino lacquer finish. The all in one bed design has two rows of bookcases located on the footboard, which provides a great storage area for all of your kids books, trophies, and treasures. The three drawer built in storage dresser provides all of the organizational options that your child will require for clothes and toys, and it slides with ease on premium metal European gliders. The pull out desk optimizes the bedroom’s floor space by neatly hiding under the bunk bed when not in use, and it easily pulls out on caster wheels when the added desk workspace is needed for drawing, homework, or games.

Many parents feel more comfortable choosing a low loft bed for smaller kids, as it doesn’t have the towering height of a full bunk bed. However it is raised enough to allow for optimal storage beneath the elevated sleeping surface, giving you the ability to make the most of even the smallest child’s bedroom. This added functionality also makes these low loft beds great playroom accessories, as the organizational features allow you to tame the mess of toys and games, while the bed itself gives you an extra sleeping space for when friends and young relatives come to stay. It can even be used to build an impromptu fort.

Our low cappuccino loft beds with storage are constructed meticulously, with an attention to detail that is second to none. All of the solid wood components are connected using real metal on metal joints, and the edges are rounded to prevent accidental bumps and bruises. In fact these products are constructed to such a high level of durability that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for child bunk safety.

This kids bed with desk comes completely mattress ready with a wooden slat kit mattress support system. The Desk chair pictured above is not included.

Cappuccino Kids Loft Bed with Desk Dimensions: 79″ X 42″ X 42″

Note: This low loft bed is designed for kids only.

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Weight 187 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 43 × 41 in


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