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Kids Bedroom Design Tips

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Designing your kid’s bedroom can be a daunting task, especially for new parents, but it can also be a fun positive experience for both you and your children.

We have compiled our best tips and tricks for helping you create a perfect space for your kids to grow and flourish into amazing young people.

Make it a room they can grow into

Our number one tip from our list of kids bedroom design tips is to plan ahead. You could create an amazing bedroom for your newborn with baby blues, paintings of animals and other stereotypical décors, but let’s be honest, your child will grow out of this very quickly. Plan the room to grow with your child as they get older and develop new interests.

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Paint is your friend

Paint is the easiest way to transform a room. Instead of picking pastel pink or baby blue for your child’s room, don’t be afraid to go with ‘grown up’ colors. Pink and blue are very easy for a child to grow out of whereas colors like sage green are seen as fun and creative for young children and then as elegant and sophisticated as your child gets older. Sage green is a beautiful neutral color that will allow your kids to redecorate and reflect their personalities without clashing with the wall colors for the next 10 years.

Stickers, they are fun and versatile

Decals are your new best friend. They are a non-permanent way to add flair to any bedroom. Cute animal stickers for an infant, numbers, and letters for a toddler, race cars and fairies for your tweens, murals and abstract shapes for your teenagers! No matter what your child’s interests morph into, removable decals will give your kids a way to find who they are in a non-permanent way (also a great option for renters).

Plan for a lot of storage – you will need it

Storage is a very important aspect to consider. Storage should always be versatile. While your infant may not need loads of space, as your infant becomes a toddler, they will need space for clothes, toys and books. When they become a teenager, they will need space for technology, cosmetics, and items specific to their interest like sporting equipment. As part of our top design tips for your kids bedroom, we recommend furniture like the Kids Toy Organizer Chest. This chest has wheels and will come in handy as your teen changes up their room and experiments in finding their own style.

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Keep it simple – it allows growth and change

It may seem boring, but give your young children a simple ‘grown-up bed’. By giving them a beautiful bed at a young age, it means they can grow into it rather than replacing a bed every 3-4 years. A captains bed is a great option. By adding a fun cartoon duvet cover and race car pillow it is a bed your young child will love. It can then be transformed into a sophisticated space by adding a beautifully patterned cover and throw pillows that your maturing teenager will love.

Have a ‘nook’

Finally, ensure there is a space for your children that can be modified to suit each age bracket. That could be a fun space for coloring as a toddler, a fluffy rug with pillows and a blanket for your tween to have a sleepover, a cozy couch with throw pillows becomes a reading nook for your teenager. Plan for this changing space by utilizing well-designed furniture that offers versatility. The KFS kids storage range offers some great products that will help you achieve the ultimate kids bedroom design tips.

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