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Children’s Game Room Ideas That Will Not Break the Bank

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When people talk about gaming rooms these days, what quickly comes to mind are the most advanced gaming PCs or consoles set up in a plush room lit with strings of LED strip lighting, where an avid player, oftentimes a teen, would be sitting for hours at a time on an expensive gaming chair that’s worth at least $100. Whew. So if your child comes up to you and says they want a gaming room, you might have to brace yourself for the inevitably large spending required. Or maybe not.

In this article, we will give you a number of excellent children’s game room ideas that are guaranteed to be to your kid’s liking, while falling safely within your budget. Feel free to follow these ideas or use them as inspiration to come up with your own designs.

Choose a Simple Theme

The trend in gaming rooms today usually involves the use of complex themes and rather expensive pieces that will make the room unique. While it’s great to splurge on one-of-a-kind elements if you have the budget for it, you can also easily create a really cool gaming room with a simple theme, like one that revolves around color.

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Hunt for Vintage Items

Most gamers would be all over themselves trying to get their hands on the latest version of gaming consoles as soon as it is released into the market. If you don’t mind waiting for even a few months, the prices can actually drop considerably. Better yet, you can shop online or in local garage stores for valuable vintage items that are usually available for just a few dollars. If you are able to score a pinball machine, old game boards or even vintage art pieces you can hang on the walls, these would be fantastic additions to the gaming room.

Get Comfortable Seating

Kids don’t really need fancy chairs to use while playing games. Most actually prefer being on the floor than on proper chairs, at least until they become teens perhaps. With this in mind, it might be a smarter decision to just get colorful bean bags or stock up on oversized pillows that they can use to get comfortable while on the floor. These are cheaper and a lot more fun than ordinary chairs.

Get Inexpensive Furniture

Clever storage is part of the best children’s game room ideas. You need to have a place where your kids can keep their games when not in use. This treasure chest is the perfect example of an affordable but very useful piece of furniture for your kid’s gaming room. The drawers are deep and wide enough to hold gaming consoles when not in use. The two-level shelves are also ideal for storing board games, while also strategically displaying them at the same time.

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Install Good Lighting

Children’s eyes can strain heavily when they spend a lot of time playing video games. Staring for extended periods at a screen, especially in a very dimly lit room, can cause headaches and a myriad of vision problems. Installing adequate lighting will help keep their eyesight in excellent condition while also adding to the coolness factor of the space.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are countless budget-friendly children’s game room ideas that you can come up with if you just think outside the box. You don’t have to always go with the trends because many of these fads are really quite overpriced. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can create a fun and comfy game room for your kids that they will enjoy for many years to come.

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