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Amazing Bedroom Color Ideas with Wood Furniture

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You can never go wrong with choosing wooden furniture for your bedroom. These are timeless pieces that have been proven to withstand the changing trends in home décor and interior design. More importantly, if you select a durable piece of wood, like natural pine wood, for instance, you can be sure of having a piece of furniture that is guaranteed to last for years.

Wood furniture can be stained or finished in a wide variety of hues, ranging from light blonde and ash, all the way to the almost black shade of espresso. All of these stains are gorgeous in different ways and picking one will just be a matter of personal choice. But the question on many people’s minds is, which colors for the bedroom would best complement this wooden furniture?

Complementary Colors for Wood Furniture in Dark Shades

The rich finish of dark wooden furniture makes a very strong statement in the bedroom. It gives off an unmistakable air of elegance and class, and does wonders for the overall aesthetic of the space.

Because of its very powerful presence, it would be good to use soft and calming shades like blues and off whites to create a nice balance. You can also continue the organic theme going on by choosing natural colors like various shades of green. The warm, earthy tones of browns and charcoals will also help bring out the beauty of the wood, while also creating a cozier feel in the space.

wooden kids beds

Complementary Colors for Wood Furniture in Medium Shades

Wooden furniture with stains that are not too dark and not too light are a very popular choice in the bedroom. They are classic pieces that easily match any interior. You can bring out the beauty of these hues of wood by using light-colored paint on the walls on the more neutral side of the palette, like off whites, grays or olive greens.

When decorating a child’s bedroom, though, you can certainly go for more dynamic colors on the wall and on the fabrics. For example, if you have decided on honey furniture for your little one’s room, greens and blues would look really nice and keep the space young-looking at the same time.

Complementary Colors for Wood Furniture in Light Shades

Ash furniture is among the most popular wood furniture for bedrooms because it is neutral and is thus quite versatile when it comes to complementary colors. You can choose to go with other neutral shades or play around with bright colors. White children’s furniture is also in demand for similar reasons.

If you are particularly fond of your light wood furniture, you can easily draw attention to it by using a contrasting shade for the walls and the fabrics in the room. Alternatively, you can also use a somewhat similar shade to create an overall pleasant look in the room without creating too much disparity.

honey colored wood furniture

Neutral Is Always a Safe Choice

Thinking outside the box is sometimes overrated, as there are many situations where playing safe is not a bad move at all. In case you can’t seem to find any bedroom color ideas with wood furniture that really strike your fancy, you can always go neutral.

A neutral color on your wall will look great whether you have a huge espresso bed in the middle of the room, or if you have decided to go for the charcoal bed and chest of drawers.

Final Thoughts

You will find plenty of bedroom color ideas with wood furniture when you search online. But keep in mind that at the end of the day, what’s important is your own preferences and how your bedroom is going to make you feel when you are in it.

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