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Guest Room Captain Beds – The New Trend in Sleeping Accommodations

Captain Beds

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any guest room. It’s quite alright if there are no chairs or tables in the room since the guest can use the bed to sit on. It’s also fine if there is no closet or cabinet for storage since it is only used for the short-term anyway. But it is always absolutely essential for a guestroom to have a bed. And if you want to be a good host, you need to make sure that the bed is comfortable enough to give your guest a pleasant stay.

There are many styles of beds that you can choose to put in your guestroom. Some people have a sofa bed or a daybed, while others use a cot or simply roll out a mattress. People who frequently get multiple guests might have bunk beds. The most popular choice these days, however, is the captain bed.

Reasons Why a Captain Bed Is Great for the Guest Room

A captain bed looks pretty much like a regular bed. But instead of just a hollow space underneath the mattress, that area is occupied by drawers, all the way down to the floor. This is the design of an actual captain’s bed in most ships, which is what it is named after.

guest room beds
beds for guest rooms

Plenty of Storage

The distinct feature of the captain bed is that it maximizes all the available area under the mattress and turns it into storage space. Here at Kids Furniture Solutions, we have captain beds that have as many as 12 drawers. This is very useful since guests can use the numerous drawers when they temporarily unpack. The other drawers can also be used to store extra blankets, towels, and other things that a guest might need.

Extra Sleeping Space

In lieu of the bottom row of drawers, some captain beds have a pullout trundle. This doubles the available sleeping space in the room, which is useful if you have more than one guest staying the night.

Available in Different Sizes

Our captain beds can accommodate either a twin or a full mattress. Your choice will depend mostly on the size of the guestroom. Twin captain beds are comfortable for one person or maybe 2 kids. The full size captain beds are just right for a couple, with space for up to 2 small kids.

Choosing the Right Guest Room Captain Beds

There are many different possible configurations for captain beds. As such, you need to choose the features carefully when picking one for your guestroom.

guest bedroom captains beds

Captain Beds with Drawers

All captain beds have drawers but the difference lies in the number of drawers that each style has. If you need the most storage possible, the 12-drawer option would be ideal. If you are planning to place the captain bed with one side along the wall, the 6-drawer option makes better sense because you only have access to one side of the bed.

Captain Beds with Pullout Trundle

Many of our captain beds have a pullout trundle option. This would prove useful for days that you have more than one guest. The trundle is placed at the lowermost level of the bed, underneath a row of 3 drawers.

Captain Beds with Bookshelf Headboards

If the space underneath the bed is still not enough for your storage needs, we have daybeds that come with bookshelf headboards. You can use the headboards for storage and as a display area at the same time.

It’s easy to see why guest room captain day beds are really very popular. They are practical, cost-efficient, durable, and have a timeless look that is made to last for generations.

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