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5 Year Old’s Room Decorating Ideas

Get a 10-Year-Old to Clean Their Room

Five is a great age to be. A kid who is 5 years old has just graduated from toddlerhood to being a big kid and for sure, they are pretty excited with this major change in their life. This is the time when most of them start going to school for the first time, which means a vast expansion in their very small world. They are also beginning to be a lot more independent at this age and are more vocal about what they like.

As a parent of a 5-year-old, there are many things that you can do to help your child celebrate this transition. One way is by giving them their own bedroom, if they don’t have one already. And if they already have their own room, you can give their room a makeover, with them being a part of the decorating process.

Create Artwork on the Walls

There are so many fun and creative ways to do this. If you and your kid are artistic, you can paint a mural on the wall of their room. This will not just produce a really unique wall design but it would be an excellent bonding activity as well. Or you can repaint the wall in their favorite color, then hang their framed drawings on it.

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Add Some Fun but Practical Storage

As your child gets older, they tend to accumulate stuff at a very fast rate. You can always donate some of the things that they have outgrown but for those items that they would like to hang on to, you need to have some cute storage solutions.

One of the best choices is storage stools. These are boxes that are also chairs, and are the perfect size for young kids. A large box with a basketball hoop over it makes it a lot more fun for your kid to clean up his things. Toy chests and drawers are also great because your child can still use them even as they get older.

Display Their Favorite Items

At this age, most of their most treasured possessions will probably be toys. Even so, it will be nice to have a special shelf for them to display these valuables, apart from all the rest of their possessions. This is a great way to give the room a touch of their personality, while also teaching them to treat important items with extra care. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just toys. If they have favorite books, or if they have won something from a contest, these are worthy of being displayed as well.

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Switch to a Big Kid Bed

Now, this is definitely going to be one of the major changes. From a toddler bed, you can now give them the option of moving up to a real, big kid bed. There are many options in this department. They could choose a twin bed with plenty of drawers to store all their knick knacks, or a bunk bed if they are to share a room with a sibling.

A 5-year-old girl would really love a pretty doll house loft bed that can be a sleeping place and a play nook at the same time. For a boy, a race car bed would be pretty cool indeed. The important thing is that you will give them choices but you let them take the final pick.

Final Thoughts

There are really no hard rules when it comes to 5 year old’s room decorating ideas. Just get a feel of what your child likes, then balance it out with what you know is appropriate. In the end, you will surely be able to create a space that both you and your kid will truly love.

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