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Choosing the Best Furniture for Families with Toddlers

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A lot of people have an idea of what they want their dream house to look like. Sometimes this vision includes delicate furniture and pristine white couches and it all looks really beautiful. But then imagine when kids come into the picture and your ideal interior décor doesn’t seem so ideal anymore.

Indeed, it can be a challenge to keep up the flawless look of any indoor space when young children are always up and about, ready to make a ruckus. Kids will be kids, of course. You can always remind them to try and not to spill chocolate milk onto your precious rugs but there’s never any guarantee of what will happen once you turn your back.

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Don’t Wait for the Kids to Grow Up

This is a common approach that parents with toddlers use when decorating. Instead of risking getting damage on new and expensive furniture, they just stick with their old beaten up couch or chipped tables and delay the real decorating until the kids have grown up a bit. This is not really a good strategy since kids will always be kids. Instead, you can pick furniture that you can easily wipe clean, and that will not stain permanently even with the nastiest spills.

Combining Style with Practicality

If you have toddlers or are planning to have kids in the near future, it is best to choose your furniture accordingly. That is, you might want to think twice about investing in velvet embroidered couches or a glass top coffee table. Luckily, there are many modern pieces of furniture that look great and are kid-friendly at the same time.

As much as possible steer clear of furniture that comes with an excess of fabric. Couches and beds with skirts or tables will easily get dirty with muddy footprints, and tables covered in fabric are just an accident waiting to happen if there are toddlers in the house. Instead, go for furniture with clean lines and minimal maintenance needs. These are the best furniture for families with toddlers and pets as well.

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Wood is the Perfect Material

The best furniture for families with toddlers is typically made of wood. From chairs and beds to dining tables and display cabinets, wood is an equally elegant and sensible material. It comes in many different varieties to suit your taste and budget, and it can be painted in different colors to match the motif in any room. Do make sure to pick the kinds of wooden furniture that have rounded edges and corners in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

For a toddler’s room, day beds made of pine are ideal because they are very durable, safe and beautiful all at the same time. This particular merlot twin captain day bed by Discovery World is great because it also comes with shelves and drawers for storage. It can even be fitted with a trundle pullout, making it ideal for sharing between two siblings.

White painted wooden furniture is also a great go-to for a toddler’s room. This bedroom dresser can certainly brighten up a room and does not come with the aged look of darker wood, making it more suitable for a young child.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t really have to sacrifice style just because you have kids around. There are many different amazing pieces of furniture that you can choose from. For a wide array of durable, elegant and kid-friendly furniture, just head over to Kids Furniture Solutions.

They have several designs that work perfectly for both kids and adults. Each of their items is guaranteed to be well-made using natural wood material and put together with the highest level of craftsmanship.

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