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What to Look for in the Best Beds for 10 Year Old Boys

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Buying a bed for a 10-year-old boy might seem like a no-brainer. After all, what could a kid possibly need other than a basic bed that’s just the right size for him? But then, when you start seeing all the different beds available today, it’s easy to get second thoughts as to which are really the best beds for 10 year old boys.

Important Factors to Consider

Despite the initial confusion, you can actually simplify the selection process. This way, you will not get overwhelmed by the myriad of choices. You just need to look at the most important factors and you will be able to find the best piece of furniture for your child.


Your child obviously needs to be able to sleep comfortably in his bed so it has to be the right size. Bed lengths are pretty standard but when it comes to width, there are plenty of options. Some of the best beds for 10 year old boys are doubles and twins. These beds give them enough space to turn while sleeping, and can even be used for sharing with a sibling.

boys bunk beds


Boys love bunk beds. For them, these beds are not just a place to sleep and rest. With a little bit of imagination, bunk beds can turn into pirate ships, space rockets, or an entire fortress. For siblings, bunk beds are great for sharing a room without occupying too much space.

The loft bed is also a great style for a child who has their own room. Like the bunk bed, your kid can sleep at an elevated spot, while the area underneath can accommodate a desk, a small closet, or just an alcove where he can play with his toys.

Of course, the classic bed style always works for most people and fits easily in any space. Day beds like this honey twin captain bed or this single white day bed with a pullout would work perfectly in just about any boy’s bedroom.

Durability and Safety

Boys will be boys and at the age of ten, they can indeed be very rambunctious. You don’t want to pick a bed that will not be able to handle their energetic jumping and rowdy playing. But at the same time, you don’t want something that looks too industrial and that would fit better in an army barracks than a warm and cozy bedroom.

Because of this, pine wood is the perfect choice. Just take a look at this honey day bed or this espresso captain bed by Discovery World Furniture, which you can purchase at the Kids Furniture Solutions website. Made of 100% pine wood and enforced with metal on metal connections, these beds are so durable that your boys can use them all the way in their teenage years.

Storage Chest Honey


One of the problems that many households face today is that there is never enough storage. Your kid probably already has a closet and a toy chest in his room. But if there are still toys and other stuff scattered on the floor, you might want to consider choosing a bed that has built-in drawers.

It’s amazing how much space there is under a kid’s bed that often goes to waste. Instead of reserving that space for dust bunnies and imaginary monsters, you can pick out a bed that has a pull-out drawer. These are great for storing toys, bed linen, shoes and off-season clothes that take up precious space in the closet.

Most importantly, it would be great to include your child in the process. After all, he is the one who is going to sleep in the bed so he should certainly get a say on which one to pick. Show him the vast array of boys’ beds at Kids Furniture Solutions and he will surely be able to find one or two that he really likes.

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