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Fun Furniture Gifts for Kids

Did we just say fun furniture gifts for kids? Yes, you read that right. And yes, there are many kinds of furniture that would indeed make excellent gifts for children. When I was a child I remember being asked in jest by grownups, which item would I least like to receive as a gift for my birthday? I vividly remember furniture being the first to come to mind. But if I knew then the amazing kinds of furniture that are out there, then furniture would have gone on my wish list.

Typical gifts for children would be toys, books, shoes, clothes, or other things that they would both enjoy and use a lot. Believe it or not, many kinds of furniture can satisfy both of these requirements. If you are not convinced, then here are some of the fun furniture gifts for kids that will be a sure hit.

A Chest of Drawers

What kid wouldn’t want to have their own special place to store their most precious toys, drawings and other personal stuff that they hold dear? Choose a small one that is cozy enough for them to use comfortably but comes with ample storage space so they can put as many items inside.

The KFS selection of drawers includes varieties in charcoal, ash, honey and merlot so you can easily pick one that would look best in your child’s room. You can make your furniture gift more exciting by including some items inside the drawers for them to discover.

Low Loft Bed

What could possibly be exciting or fun about a bed, you ask? The low loft bed is not an ordinary bed, at least not for kids. It can be a lot of different things over time. One day it can be a fort, then it can be turned into a quiet reading nook, or the venue for an imaginary tea party, and so much more! 

Again, you can make your gift much more exciting for a kid perhaps by dressing up the bed with beddings or pillows featuring their favorite character. And of course, you can help them decorate the loft area into whatever motif they choose.

Themed Bed

For younger kids that are transitioning from a toddler cot to a big kid bed, you can make the change more exciting by gifting them with a special bed. Boys, and some girls as well, would love this twin race car bed that comes in either red or purple. For your glam princess, this twin doll house loft bed would be an ideal gift. In fact, if you have three young girls sharing a room, this bed can accommodate them very comfortably and would make the perfect combined gift for them on Christmas.

playroom dollhouse

Picnic Table

We’re not talking about a regular family picnic table but a small version that is down-sized to be just the right size for your little ones. This mossy oak break-up picnic table is made with 100% pine wood and is a wonderful addition to the playroom or your child’s room if it is spacious enough. They can do so many things on this table, from doing their homework to working on a big jigsaw puzzle, or even sharing a snack with friends and siblings.

Final Thoughts

Giving furniture as a gift for kids is actually wonderful because it will give a child a sense of importance, having received such a valuable and “grown-up” presence. Besides, furniture is meant to last for decades so it is a gift that just keeps giving over the years. For more fabulous ideas for fun furniture gifts for kids, go on and check out our selection here at Kids Furniture Solutions.

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