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Honey Children’s Treasure Chest

Honey Children’s Treasure Chest

The perfect piece of stylish and functional children’s bedroom furniture, this honey children’s treasure chest is the perfect place to store games, books, movies, and toys. It is crafted using real, natural wood materials which are artistically enhanced through a chemical free golden honey finish. The result is a furnishing your children will love, with the sophistication to remain in use even as they grow and become adults.

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Most children and many adults as well love collecting all kinds of trinkets, mementos and even seemingly random items that they hold dear. Instead of keeping these treasures in various boxes and jars, wouldn’t it be nice to have a single place to store all of these special collections? This honey children’s treasure chest is the perfect place for a child to keep these precious memorabilia from childhood.

Classic Look

Made of solid pine wood material, this treasure chest has a classic look that would go very nicely with any kind of interior design there is in your child’s bedroom, or in any room in the house for that matter. It comes in a highly attractive honey finish that will make it blend in and stand out at the same time in any indoor space. No matter what color theme you have going on, this piece of furniture will definitely hold its own and can integrate seamlessly into the design of the room. This piece of furniture is also made with the highest level of craftsmanship, as can be seen in the flawless honey finish.

Practical Design

The honey children’s treasure chest is low enough for a very young child to use but its size is actually ideal for children of all ages. It can even be used comfortably by adults. The treasure chest features three drawers of exactly the same size on the right side, where small items like toys and accessories can be kept. On the left side, there are two open shelves that are just the right place for books or stuffed toys. The top of the cabinet is made of solid pine wood and is a great area for a lamp, a fishbowl, or just about anything that your child wants to put on it.

Safety Features

All corners of this honey children’s treasure chest are rounded in order to prevent injuries. Children can be very rowdy and clumsy at times and while the occasional accident cannot be avoided, the rounded corners can at least minimize the severity of the injuries. The wood has also been treated with a chemical-free finish so there is practically zero risk of allergies and other sensitive reactions, especially in younger children. The chest is fitted with swivel caster wheels that make it very easy to move around. These casters also serve to protect your flooring from unsightly scratches that can be left when moving furniture from one place to another.

Versatile Function

Although this piece of versatile furniture is called a children’s treasure chest, it can actually grow with a child all the way to adulthood. As the child grows, the contents of the drawers and shelves will keep changing. The chest will bear witness to hundreds of wonderful memories and by the time the child is an adult, it will have earned much sentimental value.

This chest can also be used for a lot of different purposes inside the house aside from inside a child’s bedroom. It can be used to store important files, documents and office supplies for a home office corner. You can put it in a guest bedroom and your visitor can use the drawers to store his clothes. It is also the perfect piece of furniture if you are running a small Airbnb. You can place a couple of folded towels and some toiletries on the shelves on the left, while leaving the drawers vacant for your guest’s clothes and personal items.

This pine children’s treasure chest would be a worthwhile addition to any home because of its durability, versatility and simple but beautiful design.


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