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End of Year Decorating Tips and Tricks

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Another year is coming to an end once more, which for many people is the perfect opportunity to decorate the home. It is, after all, the time for major holidays for different cultures around the world and what better way to celebrate than by putting up the appropriate decorations. No matter what religious or cultural holiday you celebrate, or you simply want to welcome the new year that is about to begin, there are plenty of great end of year decorating tips and tricks that you can follow to make your home the most beautiful that it can be during this season.

End of Year Decorating Tips and Tricks for Christmas

The traditional Christmas trees, wreaths and stockings on the fireplaces are among the usual décor that families put up during this yuletide season. But if you are tired of using the same old decorations year in and year out, you can give this year’s décor a fresh touch with some simple variations. The easiest way is to use fabric to tie up a theme. Change your throw pillowcases, use holiday table runners over your media chests or drawers, put up special holiday drapes, or simply toss a decorative blanket over a couch.

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Decorating experts indicate that the theme for this year’s Christmas season will revolve around metallic shades like silver and gold. If you want to be on trend, you would want to pick up some ornaments and trimmings that match this color scheme.

End of Year Decorating Tips and Tricks for Hanukkah

Finding Hanukkah decorations can be more of a challenge because of less availability, especially in towns with not very large Jewish communities. An easy solution to this is to shop for your decorations online. Do it early so that you can give allowance for the shipping time, and also for possible replacements in case the items are not to your expectation.

The menorah would likely be the centerpiece of your décor, as it should be. The ideal place for it would be the center of the dining table where the entire family and guests can easily see it, or beside a large window so it can also be visible from outside.

You can draw even more attention to your menorah by using complementary décor around it like scented candles, dreidels, and items that bear the Star of David. Of course, the Hanukkah gnomes are also a fun addition to the décor. On the dining table, it would be wonderful to use Hanukkah themed placemats, napkins and plates. Finally, you can string some blue lights on your doorways or on the mantel to add to the festive mood.

End of Year Decorating Tips and Tricks for Kwanzaa

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, it would be great to revolve your end of year décor around this holiday. Not only is it a very significant event but it also comes with plenty of gorgeous decorating opportunities that you can take advantage of to make your home beautiful as the year comes to an end.

For starters, the Kinara candle holder is a must-have for lighting the seven candles on each night of Kwanzaa. You can buy your décor online but if you are crafty and want to save some money, you can also make your own. A wreath can be crafted from Kente fabric and you can decorate it with corn husks and feathers from pheasants. You can also create garlands, making sure to use the predominant colors of red black and green, to hang on your tree, or along doorways and banisters.

Decorating can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can make use of things that you already have on hand to create memorable décor that the entire family would love.

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