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Twin Race Car Bed


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Twin Race Car Bed


You can bring a sense of adventure and excitement into your kids bedroom with these fun twin size race car beds. Manufactured using real MDF construction materials for a solid, durable frame, these pieces are built to look like super sleek, super fast racing cars, that are ready to just take off and shoot across the room. These twin sized beds are a great way to make bedtime more fun and less of a chore, while also inspiring a sense of creativity in your kids.

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Twin Size Race Car Bed

Transform your kids room into a thrilling race track with the addition of this magnificent twin size race car bed! Built with the sleek lines and fluid aerodynamic grace of an actual race car, these fun pieces of bedroom furniture can infuse a space with imagination and excitement. At the same time the solid design and quality manufacturing of these twin beds ensures that they will last through years of rigorous play.

With this race car bed you have a practical piece of functional children’s furniture, that is also a giant life sized toy that they can play and interact with on a daily basis. This makes it a great option for a birthday or holiday gift, as your kid’s eyes will light up when they see the fun new play piece that is going in their room. These race car beds can also help with nightmares, or children who are reluctant to spend the night in their own beds by making the sleeping process more of an adventure than a chore.

One great idea for these twin beds is to use them as the centerpiece in a race car themed child’s bedroom. The right bedding can compliment the look of the bed, while wall decor such as posters and signed pictures can be used to infuse the rest of the room with the stylistic theme. You can then get dimensional by placing small toy cars and cut outs on various flat surfaces, or even hang them from the ceiling.

The twin sized race car bed is made from solid MDF materials, which have the strength of solid wood, while also having the ability to maintain the luster of the paint used on their surface. The bedding surface is twin sized, and the entire frame measure 80″ long by 40″ wide.


  • MDF (CARB P2 Compliant)


  • Length – 80″
  • Width – 40″
  • Headboard Height – 17.5″
  • Footboard Height – 7.5″  

Additional information

Weight 92 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 42 × 15 in


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